Schemes: Send Scheduled Messages Via SMS, Facebook, Twitter Or Gmail [Android]

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If you forget to congratulate people (friends, relatives etc) on their birthdays or other special occasions more often than you’d like, check out Schemes. It is a useful app for Android that lets you schedule messages in advance and have them sent to people at a specified time. It lets you schedule messages via SMS, Facebook, Twitter and Gmail. No more worrying about forgetting another birthday and feeling guilty afterwards. With Schemes, your messages will always get there on time, even if one minute before or after midnight.

Once you install it on your Android device, sign in to Facebook, Twitter and/or Gmail with your credentials. Next, enter the recipient contact information, write your message and schedule time and date. Then select the services (SMS, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail) you want the message to be sent through and click “Send” to schedule the message.

You can only send the message to a single recipient at a time. To include another recipient you will have to repeat the process.

send scheduled messages

All of your pending messages will appear on the screen every time you open the app. You can cancel any of your pending messages at any time and schedule new ones. Once the message has been sent you will receive a notification. The app is free (for now) and has a simple user interface.

Schemes: Send Scheduled Messages Via SMS, Facebook, Twitter Or Gmail [Android] 22


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