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How to Schedule Lyft & Uber Rides Ahead of Time

Nancy Messieh 26-05-2016

These features are only available for residents of select cities in the United States.


While Uber and Lyft have resisted offering advanced booking on their apps, it seems that the tide is changing. Lyft recently announced that it is introducing a feature that allows users to book rides up to 24 hours in advance.

Before you get excited, the feature is available only in San Francisco for the time being, but should be introduced in other areas this summer. Until then, there are limited workarounds available in select cities in the United States for Uber and Lyft users.

How Lyft’s New Feature Works

When launching the app, Lyft users in San Francisco should now see a clock icon after they hit the “Set pickup” button. Tapping the clock will allow users to select a specific time within the 24-hour window to reserve their ride.


Riders can change or cancel their ride up to 30 minutes before the scheduled pick-up time.


Other Ways to Book Ahead

So what if you don’t live in San Francisco? Or what if you prefer Uber to Lyft? There are a few other US-based options, but they require an additional service or app.

Uzurv: Available in seven states — California, Virginia, North Carolina, Texas, Colorado, Florida, and Kansas — Uzurv allows you to reserve Uber rides in advance using their iOS or Android apps.

Uzurv adds a $0.99 service fee to your reservation, and this fee is due to increase after the beta period ends. (Lyft is currently not available through the app but will be at a later date.)

You can cancel your ride up to two hours before the scheduled pickup time without incurring any charges. If you cancel within that two-hour window, you will be charged the service fee. If a driver cancels, they will incur the service fee.

Rezzi: If you live in Florida, you can use Rezzi you to book a ride in advance using either Uber or Lyft. You can make your reservation through the app [No Longer Available] or through their website.

Do you have any tips or tricks for reserving an Uber or Lyft in advance? Let us know in the comments.

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