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MOin 21-02-2011

People who cook food for themselves often find themselves spending valuable time on deciding what to cook. Normally we do not have a cooking schedule planned out and decide on the recipe only on the day. To make such cooking schedules, check out a website called SayMmm. It is a simple web service where, for each upcoming day, you can choose to either cook for yourself or dine out. By specifying a recipe or restaurant in your schedule, you save precious decision-making time when the day arrives.


make cooking schedule

The website also serves as an excellent cooking guide for its users. Numerous recipes are available on the site; these cover a wide variety of ingredients and cooking styles. You can browse recipes alphabetically or categorically; alternatively you can search for recipes by their name.

organize your recipes online,

With your recipes picked out and added to your schedule, you can create lists of ingredients that will help you shop for the right stuff to cook your meals. This ensures that you have all that you need to cook the recipes in your schedule. Items to the list can be added from the predefined entries on the right or by manually typing in ingredients.

Saymmm: Make cooking schedules & organize your recipes online say mmm2


Apart from all these features, Say Mmm provides you with different visual themes to help customize your experience on the site.

Demo video:


  • Organize your recipes and make cooking schedulles.
  • Offers various visual themes.
  • Helps create a cooking schedule.
  • Lists various cooking recipes.
  • Helps form shopping lists for cooking dishes.

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