Save The World From Droids in The FreeDroid RPG Adventure

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<firstimage=”//”>freedroidI don’t know what it is about post-apocalyptic games, but I love them. The idea of exploring a world torn and destroyed by some violent or cataclysmic event is interesting to imagine. These are the type of games I always loved playing, like the 1997 Interplay game Fallout.

The open source game called FreeDroid is an RPG adventure based on a post-apocalyptic world where the global adoption of one computer system known as “Megasys” led to a global war, when the Droids running the OS had some sort of horrible bug that turned them all on humans. As the hero, a penguin-like species called “Linerian”, your job is to explore this terrible world and right all of the things that went wrong.

It’s rare that the worlds of Linux and Windows collide. There are cases like the 8 games 8 Awesome Free Open-Source Games You Can Enjoy on Windows, Mac, and Linux 8 Awesome Free Open-Source Games You Can Enjoy on Windows, Mac, and Linux Read More mentioned by Tim which are available for multiple platforms, but in this game it goes far beyond that – the game itself has a message to tell about operating systems. This game has somewhat better graphics than the 2D ones like Justin reviewed 5 Casual Linux Games You Probably Don't Know About 5 Casual Linux Games You Probably Don't Know About Read More , but it does remind me of the Linux games you’ll find at apps like PenguSpy.

Playing FreeDroid RPG

A few years ago, many reviewers were saying that FreeDroid was clearly not ready for prime time, although most agreed it was a fun game even in that early stage. The game has come a long way. I usually don’t review any free game unless the graphics are decent enough to pass for a commercially available game. That’s definitely the case with FreeDroid.


The download for Windows is a pretty good sized file, so be patient. It’s also included in most Linux distributions. It’s pretty cool that Windows users can also enjoy it, although anyone who’s a major fan of Microsoft may not want to unless you have a good sense of humor!

freedroid review

The controls, graphics and dialog really remind me of games like Fallout. Exploring this world is a lot of fun, and like other commercial RPG adventure games, you’re pretty much free to go wherever you want, and to accept and complete the missions that you would like. If you really want to work through the storyline, then make a point to talk to the characters and thoroughly question them about everything. That’s the only way to pick up clues and learn what you need to do next to move the plot along.

freedroid review

Thankfully, upon waking from your cryogenic slumber, the gear you had when you initially went to sleep is returned to you. This gear includes protective gear and a huge steel wrench, which you use as your first weapon to clobber Droids. At the start of the game, there are droids that come near you and zap you, and others that shoot from afar. Navigating through the treacherous world isn’t overly simple – you’re definitely going to have to fight a few droids and avoid the shooting droids to make it to your first safe town.

freedroid review

As you meet and talk to new characters (like those at the safe town), you’ll not only get clues about how you can put things right, but you’ll also come across side missions that you can complete to gain favor with certain people or groups within this world. Fighting droids and completing quests will improve your stats and help you complete the next levels of the game – so don’t be afraid to strike out and face the dangers head on.

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Your character is known throughout this world as a computer hacking hero, and they are counting on you to help put an end to the tragic problems created by the monster corporation known as Megasys. Throughout the game, you’ll find computers  and terminals – playing around with these systems will give you a peek into the global system and you’ll discover opportunities to “hack” it along the way.

free rpg games

At towns you find different services (like doctors that can heal you) and shops where you can pick up better protective gear or weapons. As the game progresses, you’ll need better gear. Keep an eye on your health and make sure to take care of yourself so all levels stay high.

free rpg games

The game makers state that the game, in its current state, provides about ten hours of solid game play. Additionally, when you’ve finished playing the game, the fun continues in the “Level Editor” section where you can completely edit existing game levels, or create your own levels to play. A whole library of objects are available for you to use – the possibilities are pretty much endless.


FreeDroid RPG is one of those rare free games that really is fun and interesting to play. The storyline is pretty decent, and the little jabs at “MegaSys” will really give you a chuckle every now and then throughout the game. The hardly-veiled message of the game is pretty clear within five minutes of playing. Whether you agree with the message of the game, it’s still a total blast to play.

Have you ever played FreeDroid on Windows or Linux? What do you think of the game? Share your opinions about this game in the comments section below.

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