Save, Tag and Share Articles Faster with Pocket 5.1 for Android

Last month, Pocket–the app formerly known as Read It Later–announced a major update and rolled out version 5, which brought highlights, a redesigned interface, quick reads, trending reads and much more. Not resting on its laurels, the service has updated its Android app to 5.1, which makes it easier to save articles with the right tags and share them with friends.

As Erez’s Pocket 5 for Android review Pocket 5 For Android: A Polished Way To Save Content To Read Later The Web is full of cats. Seriously, they're everywhere. So are other silly memes and many other things conspiring to steal your attention. So how do you make time to read the good stuff? Read More says, sharing is a natural extension of the reading experience. With Pocket 5.1, the service is introducing what it calls “Quick Save Actions.” So the next time you save any page to your Pocket, it’s followed by three icons at the bottom of the screen: Tag, Pocket and Share. This is your Quick Save Actions menu.


You can tap the appropriate icon to perform the task desired, like tagging or sharing. Tapping the Pocket icon immediately takes you to your list. Or if you don’t want to do anything, just don’t tap the icons. You can also make Quick Save Actions disappear quickly by tapping anywhere else on the screen.

“In addition to Quick Save Actions, Pocket 5.1 for Android also includes an improved video experience and some minor bug fixes. We’ll be rolling it out to all Android users throughout the day,” Pocket said in a blog post.

You can download Pocket for Android from the Play Store. And we reckon you should, considering it’s among the best Android apps The Best Android Apps on the Google Play Store for 2019 Looking for the best Android apps for your phone or tablet? Here's our comprehensive list of the best apps for Android. Read More out there.

Source: Pocket blog

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  1. Sabry Krishnan L
    December 11, 2013 at 6:26 pm

    Pocket is a very nice app to make sure you dont miss any thing of ur interest!