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You Can Now Save More Than 10,000 Songs on Spotify

Dave Parrack 26-05-2020

Since launch, Spotify has imposed a strict limit on the number of songs you can have in your library. This number was set at 10,000, and if you tried to add more than 10,000 songs to your Spotify library you’d be told that you’ve run out of room.


However, Spotify has now removed the limit of having 10,000 songs in your library. Which means you can save as many songs as you want. Unfortunately, Spotify has kept some other limits in place, which could lead to you getting frustrated in other ways.

Spotify Lifts the 10,000 Songs Limit

Spotify boasts more than 50 million songs. Which is more than the vast majority of its users will ever listen to. However, despite the impressive size of its library, Spotify has always limited the number of songs you could save to Your Library to 10,000.

While this may sound like a lot of songs, the longer you use Spotify the more more likely you are to reach it. Which led thousands of users to complain about the limit on the Spotify Community as long ago as 2014. And yet Spotify kept the limit in place.

However, now, Spotify has announced that it’s lifting the 10,000 songs limit. In a Community Blog post, the music streaming service revealed that it’s rolling out an “unlimited library experience”. Which means you can now save as many songs as you want in your library.


This affects songs and albums, so you can now like/save as many as you want. However, the 10,000 songs limit still applies to offline downloads and playlists. So, you still won’t be able to turn your whole library into a playlist or download every song to your phone.

Making Spotify Less Frustrating to Use

If you’re still seeing the message which reads, “Epic collection my friend. There’s no more room in Your Library. To save more, you’ll need to remove some songs or albums,” don’t worry. Spotify is rolling the change out gradually, so it may some time to reach everyone.

Most users won’t even notice this change, as they never reached the limits of 10,000 songs. However, for those that hit the limit years ago, it will end a major frustration with the app. And they can now save or like all of the songs and/or albums they previously had to reject.

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  1. Jim Hickman
    June 4, 2020 at 12:10 am

    How do you find out which songs Spotify has? Do they have a search engine? Also, do they charge a membership fee in order to download all these songs?