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Save Money On Travel, Learn About Space, Reddit Of The Week And More [Best Of Reddit]

Dave LeClair 28-07-2012

Save Money On Travel, Learn About Space, Reddit Of The Week And More [Best Of Reddit] redditalienLadies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages; welcome to another fine edition of the Best of Reddit. This week we have a load of informative, entertaining and downright crazy stuff from the wide world of Reddit. Maybe you are new to Reddit. Maybe you just missed these in your Reddit travels. Maybe you saw all of these and you just want to tell me how there is a million things I could have found that were better than the ones I choose. Either way, I am glad you are here, and I hope the Reddit awesomeness helps brighten your day a little.


On the agenda for today, we have some outer space stuff, some travel advice from someone who has seen it all, a Reddit of the week and more. It is time to kick back, relax and get ready to be entertained by the best of the crazy stuff Reddit has to offer.

Learn How to Fly on the Cheap

Everyone loves to save money. When you have to travel, you want to get the best deal possible on the flights. In this IAmA you can learn when, where and how to get the best deals on flights. The individual responsible is a ticket agent for Delta, KLM and Air France.

Save Money On Travel, Learn About Space, Reddit Of The Week And More [Best Of Reddit] travelIAMA

Most of the information in this IAmA is quite useful. For example, I learned that the best time to book a flight is six to 12 weeks in advance. Any earlier than that and the deals will have been bought up, and any later and the airlines will not have put the fares on sale yet. I also learned . . . Wait a second, I can’t tell you everything; you need to read the thread for yourself. You will be glad you did next time you need to book a flight.

IAmA with Neil deGrasse Tyson

I usually try to keep this to relatively new things on Reddit, but while I was perusing the all time best posts on IAmA, I had to spend some time reading the one with the most upvotes. Neil deGrasse Tyson is an American astrophysicist and science communicator. If you’ve ever seen a show about space on television, chances are great that he was speaking in it at some point.


Save Money On Travel, Learn About Space, Reddit Of The Week And More [Best Of Reddit] neilama

In this IAmA he covers a wide range of topics, most of them about astrophysics. It is a rare chance to see regular people interact with one of the great minds of our generation. If you are at all interested in the workings of outer space, this is the perfect IAmA for you.

One Game of Civilization 2 That Lasts Ten Years

When I say this game of Civilization lasted ten years, I am not referring to ten years of game time. I am talking ten years of time in the real world. Reddit user Lycerius wrote a detailed post about what happens when a game of Civilization lasts this long. The world becomes a messed up place filled with nuclear war and craziness.

Save Money On Travel, Learn About Space, Reddit Of The Week And More [Best Of Reddit] longcivgame


The post became so popular that a Reddit was created dedicated to ending the eternal war. It is really crazy how a guy playing a game for a long time can turn into this giant thing, with players coming together trying to figure out how to end this great war. Give the thread and Reddit a look, and I can promise you some quality entertainment.

Reddit of the Week

It would not be a Best of Reddit without an awesome Subreddit for you to sink your teeth in. Since I was reading that fascinating IAmA with Neil deGrasse Tyson I decided to kill some time looking at more space stuff, and I found myself on r/SpacePorn. Do not worry; there is no actual porn here. Instead, there is an abundance of beautiful images of all things outer space.

Save Money On Travel, Learn About Space, Reddit Of The Week And More [Best Of Reddit] spaceporn

I should also mention that r/SpacePorn, like all the somethingPorn Reddits has some incredibly high-resolution photos, so be ready to use a lot of bandwidth as you look at them. Obviously, this enhances the visual appeal, but it also increases loading time for people with slower connections.



We hope you enjoyed this interesting content from Reddit. Please share your thoughts on this content or suggest some of your own Reddit threads that you think are particularly worthwhile and we just might feature them in this weekly column.

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