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Save 96% On 8 Mac Apps, OS X & Web Development Courses For $29.99; Limited Time Offer

Dave LeClair 15-10-2014

You like to save money, right? Of course you do, saving money is fantastic. You end up owning something awesome, and you spend far less money than you would have otherwise. It’s the very definition of a win-win.

Well, if you use a Mac and want to get some awesome software at a staggering 96% discount, you need to check out Mac To The Future Bundle from StackSocial. It comes with eight high-end Mac apps along with access to 25 OS X and web development courses. It would normally sell for $961, but thanks to the bundle, you can snag it all for $29.99. Don’t waste time, though, because this deal is only available for a limited time.

Get the Mac To The Future Bundle for just $29.99 for a limited time!

What Programs Do You Get?

The crux of this awesome bundle is the included software. There’s a total of eight different applications, each of which is quite useful for different purposes. Let’s take a closer look at the programs you’ll get, so you can make a better decision as to whether this bundle is right for you.

Capo 3

What it does: This program is designed for people who want to learn to play a musical instrument. It offers a cool, innovative way to learn to play songs by ear. It’s a really slick teaching tool, and one that all budding musicians should check out.

AfterShot Pro 2

What it does: AfterShot Pro 2 is designed for editing photos. It’s not going to replace PhotoShop for professional photographers, but it does a have a wide range of tools available for amateur photographers. Whether you want to create galleries or crop your photos, AfterShot has you covered.


What it does: Lucid allows you to take your website creation to a higher level. You’ll be able to add animations and other advanced elements with no knowledge of JavaScript required. If you thought advanced webpage elements were limited to professional coders, Lucid will make you reconsider that notion.


What it does: This is a very simple calendar for Mac. If you’re not happy with Apple’s default offering, this is one to try, as it features a simple interface and it even integrates with your existing calendar solutions.

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What it does: If you need a new way to take screenshots of your desktop or individual windows, look no further than Ember. It has all the features you expect to take perfect screenshots, and it even syncs with Dropbox so you can get access to your photos anywhere.

One Year Of Anonymizer Universal

Anonymizer Universal

What it does: Do you need a way to browse the web anonymously at home or on a public WiFi hotspot? Well, you’re in luck, because you get a full 365 days of access to Anonymizer Universal to do just that.

Disk Drill Pro 2.3

What it does: Have you ever deleted a file only to realize you still need it? This is a terrifying event, and it can end up costing you a large amount of time to undo what you lost. Well, if you jump on this Mac bundle, you’ll never have that problem again, as Drill Disk Pro allows you to recover files you thought were gone forever!

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What it does: This program is designed for programmers who work in HTML. If you deal with PHP, HTML, CSS, Perl, Ruby, SQL, Cold Fusion, Python, ASP, ActionScript, and other languages, this is definitely one you need to consider. And since it comes with this massive bundle, you don’t need to spend anything extra to get your hands on it.

Development Course

Besides the programs offered in this bundle, you will also get access to the OS X & Web Development Course Bundle. This includes 25 courses taught by John Bura, an active coder since 1997 and teacher since 2002.

The courses will teach you the fundamentals of 15 different coding environments, which will get you started making your own Mac and web apps. If you follow the training, you just might be able to make a successful application and make back the $29.99 you spent on the bundle, and then some. At the very least, you’ll leave with some awesome new programs for your own use, and some programming knowledge that you’ll be able to carry with you for life.

Don’t wait though, as the Mac To The Future Bundle is only available for a limited time, so make sure you order it now. You can thank us for finding this awesome deal in the comments below! Please read the terms and conditions.

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