Satisfying Stories of Instant Justice & Revenge Fill These 5 Sites

Mihir Patkar 08-11-2016

What goes around, comes around. Call it karma or call it something non-religious, but the value of justice is inherent to being human. We all like to believe that those who do something bad will get the comeuppance they so richly deserve. And sometimes, we get to see it in action.

Smartphones, security cameras, and other devices are always recording life around us. They capture moments that would have gone untold otherwise. But now that there’s footage, the internet wants to share. It goes under different monikers, like “instant karma” and “justice porn”, but the theme is the same: a wrongdoer getting punished.

1. /r/InstantKarma (Web): Videos and GIFs of Sweet Justice

While the Instant Karma sub-reddit is for both good and bad stories, it’s overwhelmingly filled with the bad kind. It’s exclusively about images, which means there are no text stories for you to read here. See photos, GIFs, or videos of a miscreant being served justice on a platter.

Instant Justice Revenge Karma -- Reddit Instant Karma

The GIFs tend to be pretty large, so you might need something like the GIF Delayer extension to pause GIFs till they load completely GIF-Addicted? Here's How To Pause, And Create, GIFs in Firefox Tired of animated GIF images that take forever to load? Check out these Firefox addons, which make the wait bearable. Read More . Most of the videos are posted on YouTube or Streamable, which makes it easy to watch them on mobile or desktop, without any inconvenience.

The photographic evidence means that this is one of the places you can reliably find true stories from real people 7 Best Sites, Forums, and Sub-Reddits for True Stories from Real People Everyone loves a good story. And the best stories, more often than not, are true stories. Some websites are aimed at being a platform for people to tell their honest tale. Here are seven. Read More .

Warning: Some of the posts contain foul language.

2. /r/JusticePorn (Web): Watch Bullies Get Their Comeuppance

One of the most popular sub-reddits around, Justice Porn is the polished version of /r/InstantKarma. It has an active community of moderators and loyal fans, who post a lot of content regularly and make sure the forum stays clean. You won’t find bigoted comments or offensive remarks here, although the language can often be strong.

Instant Justice Revenge Karma -- Justice Porn

The focus on bullies is interesting, since everyone wants to learn how to deal with bullies 5 Websites That Help Parents and Children Deal With Bullying or Cyberbullying For years bullying had been thought of as a necessary rite of passage to adulthood. If bullying is a devil’s trait, then we as concerned citizens and parents can play protectors. Educating ourselves about how... Read More . There’s plenty of cop videos and street fights in this forum, which isn’t how you or your kids should necessarily handle your altercations. It’s best to keep this sub-reddit away from children, lest they get the wrong idea.

If you’re new to Reddit, read our full guide to Reddit The Awesome Guide to Reddit Wonder how your friends always find cool stuff on the Internet before you? They're probably using Reddit, the self-proclaimed "front page of the Internet". Read More to figure out how to browse. The simplest way is to click Top > All-Time and just go through the posts one by one, filling your heart with the knowledge that sometimes, karma works in the most satisfying ways.

Warning: Some of the posts contain foul language.

3. /r/JusticeServed (Web): The New Forum for Old /r/JusticePorn Loyalists

Apparently, the moderators at Justice Porn implemented some rules that didn’t go down too well with several forum members. So they went ahead and set up their own new sub-reddit, Justice Served.

Instant Justice Revenge Karma -- Justice Served

It’s the same concept, but it’s not as strict as /r/JusticePorn. The result is that you get to see many more videos, images, and GIFs that aren’t accepted on the older forum. Still, the more offensive posts are clearly marked with tags like “Gore” or “NSFW” (an internet acronym you really should know by now 30 Trendy Internet Slang Words and Acronyms to Know in 2019 The internet is constantly evolving, making it difficult to keep up with modern slang. Here are some trendy internet words you should know. Read More ).

The nice part about this one is that it also includes plenty of text posts, where people describe incidents in their life, often with a little proof attached. Courtroom battles are the most popular versions of these, and it’s nice to see law and order working the way it should.

Warning: Some of the posts contain foul language.

4. (Web): The Web’s Most Popular Videos

With so many websites curating these videos of retribution, you’ll have some overlap and repetition. In case you don’t want to visit all the sites separately and just want one place to watch the best “justice porn” videos, this is it.

Instant Justice Revenge Karma -- Justice Porn Videos

Joseph Rocca, a fan of the instant karma genre, has happily curated some of the best and most popular videos from the category on his site. All of the videos are embedded, so they play as a quick popup instead of taking you away from the page. It’s a little different on mobile, but you can still play YouTube videos in the background How to Play YouTube Videos in the Background, and Even with the Screen Off It is actually possible to listen to music videos on YouTube in the background -- here's how. Read More with the right app.

Rocca has also put up a notice on his site asking for more curators to step forward. So if you’re interested in contributing to this site, drop him an email!

5. Petty Revenge Stories (Web): Best Served Cold

When you can, you should forgive and forget. It’s the healthier way of living. But there’s something primally satisfying about exacting vengeance that gets the better of us. At Petty Revenge Stories, people share how their tormentors got their just desserts.

Instant Justice Revenge Karma -- Petty Revenge

The Tumblr is filled with tales of eye for an eye (or sometimes, much less than an eye). They’re largely humorous and great fun once you read the climax. There’s plenty of strong language there though.

The stories are user-submitted and updated almost daily, which makes this one of those sites to read quick, free stories every day 5 Sites and Apps to Read Free, Quick Short Stories Everyday Reading fiction has several benefits. So, if you aren't reading fiction already, you should be. We found the best sites and apps that serve a dose of short stories whenever you want them. Read More . Bookmark this one, you’ll love it.

Warning: Some of the posts contain foul language.

Tell Us Your Instant Justice Story!

Reading these tales has got us hankering for more. Come on, we know you have it in you. At some point, you saw a bully finally get what they deserve, or you got back at your enemy with the perfect act of revenge.

Tell us your tales in the comments below!

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