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Samsung Q950TS: The 8K QLED TV With Almost No Bezel

Dave LeClair 07-01-2020

At CES 2020, Samsung announced and showed off one of the most beautiful TVs you’ll even come across in its Q950TS. The display is shockingly thin, features almost no bezel, and boasts an ultra-high 8K resolution that’s sure to knock your socks off.


Samsung’s Q950TS is certainly not going to be a budget-friendly television, but for those looking for the ultra-high-end, it’s a screen that should definitely be on their radar.

The gorgeous Q950TS sports almost no bezel with a staggering 99-percent screen to body ratio. To put that into perspective, average TVs are 94-percent. Samsung claims that while sitting at a reasonable viewing distance of ten or fifteen feet away, consumers can expect an infinity screen effect that will lead to a more immersive viewing experience.

Samsung Q950TS: The 8K QLED TV With Almost No Bezel samsung Q950TS tv ces2020 1

As for the depth of the shockingly thin display, Samsung says its only 15mm thick (.59 inches). In addition to being thin, Samsung’s latest flagship TV also features a flat-back design, which means it will sit almost completely flush against the wall.

Outside of the picture, Samsung’s Q950TS also has an increased emphasis on sound quality. It features Object Tracking Sound+, which is a fancy way of saying that it uses AI to match the movement of the sound with the movement of characters on screen. It also has a feature called Active Voice Amplifier, which automatically ramps up the volume of the dialog by 40-percent in response to loud noises.


Some other notable features of the Q950TS include the inclusion of a Universal Guide uses AI-based algorithms to help you find stuff you’ll enjoy watching. There’s also Samsung TV Plus, which is the company’s free smart TV video service. It even has activity tracking in the form of Samsung Health on the TV.

Samsung Q950TS: The 8K QLED TV With Almost No Bezel samsung Q950TS tv ces2020 2

Having spent some time marveling at the TV’s beauty, I have to say that it lives up to the hype. The picture looks great, and the aforementioned 15mm of depth is just as thin as you’d imagine. From a distance (which Samsung made sure to keep everyone with conveniently-placed ropes), you really do lose the bezel completely.

Of course, like all 8K displays, there’s a serious lack of content available, making this a TV that looks great but it is hard to actually recommend anyone run out and buy.

Samsung didn’t release any information in terms of price and final release date for the Q950TS, but we hope to find out when we can have one of these in our living rooms soon.

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