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Samsung Unveils New Phones, Chromebooks Mean Business… [Tech News Digest]

Dave Parrack 14-08-2015

Samsung announces new handsets, Dell unveils new Chromebook, Windows 10 on the Raspberry Pi, Donald Trump owns domain names, Fallout Shelter is available on Android, and eagles hate drones too.


Samsung Unveils S6 Edge+ & Note 5

Samsung has unveiled two new handsets: the Galaxy S6 Edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5. The S6 Edge+ is the successor to the S6 Edge Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Gear VR Review and Giveaway Samsung sells more Android devices than any other manufacturer, and thanks to some aggressive marketing, the Galaxy brand is almost synonymous with Android. Read More , while the Note 5 is the successor to the Note 4. Both handsets suggest that Samsung firmly believes that bigger is better, with both sporting 5.7-inch screens.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ is very similar to its predecessor, with the biggest changes being that larger screen (5.7-inches as opposed to 5.1-inches), 4GB of RAM (rather than 3GB), and a slightly beefier battery (3,000mAH rather than 2,600mAH).

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is actually more like the S6 Edge than its direct predecessor, with Samsung adding the design and materials of the S6 Edge to the Note 5. This means the only real difference is Samsung’s S Pen which allows you to write on the screen with a stylus.

Both the S6 Edge+ and Note 5 will be available to buy on August 21st, with pre-orders having already begun. However, these are very much more of the same from Samsung, which leads us to suggest you hold off upgrading How Often Do You Upgrade Your Smartphone? [MakeUseOf Poll] Many of us use smartphones to communicate on a daily basis, whether through calls, texts, or apps. Which means there is always a strong temptation to own the latest and greatest smartphone on the market. Read More for another year (or two).

Dell Aims Chromebook 13 at Businesses

Dell and Google have teamed up to produce a Chromebook aimed at businesses. The Dell Chromebook 13 has a premium look and feel, with a glass trackpad, backlit keyboard, and a back panel made from carbon fiber weave.


Add to that a boot-up time or six seconds, 12 hours of battery life, 2GB of RAM, and a 1.5 GHz Intel Celeron processor, and this may be second only to the ludicrously expensive Chromebook Pixel What Do You Think Of The Chromebook? [You Told Us] The Chromebook has been with us since the end of 2010, when Google introduced a prototype of the new form factor that was never put up for sale. In 2011 the first commercial Chromebook devices... Read More in terms of quality.

The Dell Chromebook 13 starts at just $399, with upgrades available for those willing to push the price to the top-end $899 model. This particular model, which is likely to appeal to business customers and home users alike, will be available to buy from September 17th.

Windows 10 Lands on the Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi enthusiasts Five Great Raspberry Pi Expansions That Make It Even More Useful Your Raspberry Pi is versatile and at times amazing, but are you harnessing the full power of that little box? Power-up your Pi with these 5 expansions! Read More can now install the public release of Windows 10 IoT Core on their devices. Windows 10 IoT Core is aimed at small, embedded devices with or without screens. The preview version has been available for several months, but the public release adds a range of new features and improvements.

Donald Trump Owns Domain Names

Donald Trump is a little obsessed with buying domain names How Do You Pick A Great Domain Name? Choosing the perfect domain name for your website is like choosing the perfect name for your first child. Increase the likelihood of online success with these tips. There's a lot in a name! Read More referring to himself. According to Business Insider, in total the Republican presidential primary candidate owns 3,153 domain names, many of which have negative connotations.


Some of those cited include,,,, and Sadly for Trump, no organization can possibly buy up all of the possible domain names associated with his brand, and there are likely to be plenty left for people interested in embarrassing the guy behind the hairpiece.

Fallout Shelter Arrives on Android

Fallout Shelter is finally available on Android, two months after Bethesda released the free-to-play management sim on iOS. Fallout Shelter sees you controlling a fallout shelter (naturally), encouraging people to take up residence and protecting them from attack.

Alongside the Android version comes an update for the iOS version. The update means Mole Rats and Deathclaws are now liable to attack your vault, but you can now buy a Mister Handy robot butler to help you out. Various gameplay elements have also been tweaked the make Fallout Shelter a more balanced game.

Eagles Hate Drones Too

And finally, it turns out it’s not just MakeUseOf readers who hate drones flying a little too close for comfort. This video shows that eagles aren’t all that keen on drones entering their territory either.


This huge wedge-tailed eagle sees the interloper flying into its airspace, and decides to take it out of commission. Sure, it probably didn’t know what it was attacking, but that doesn’t matter when you have claws that large and menacing. [H/T Popular Science]

Your Views on Today’s Tech News

Will you be buying a Galaxy S6 Edge+ or Galaxy Note 5? Can you see businesses adopting Chromebooks? Are you interested in running Windows 10 on your Raspberry Pi? What’s the best Donald Trump-related domain name you can think of?

Let us know your thoughts on the Tech News of the day by posting to the comments section below. Because a healthy discussion is always welcome.

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