15 Samsung Gear Apps That’ll Make You Feel Like a Secret Agent
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Do you remember being a kid and dreaming about becoming a secret agent someday? Remember begging your parents to buy one of those plastic secret agent watches at the toy store?

Just because you’re not a kid anymore doesn’t mean you have to give up that dream. You can relive your childhood through smartwatch apps that’ll give you some of the cool abilities you always imagined a secret agent would have.

Let’s dive into the world of spy Samsung Gear apps and load up a few that’ll have you feeling like an undercover secret agent. (All apps below are available in the Samsung Gear app store, accessible from the Samsung Gear app.)

Download: Samsung Gear for Android | iOS (Free)

1-4. Secret Recorders

One of the great aspects of the Samsung Gear smartwatches is that they have a round face just like a regular watch. In fact when the watch face is “on,” a number of watch faces actually look like a regular watch.

Unless you look closely (which most people don’t), it’s easy to think that you’re not wearing a smartwatch.

Samsung Gear Watch Face

But hidden inside that seemingly innocent watch lies a mixture of Samsung Gear apps you can use to spy on people or scenarios Practical Uses for Your Home Surveillance Cameras Practical Uses for Your Home Surveillance Cameras Home surveillance cameras are getting more popular with each passing year as technology improves and prices drop. Here are some practical uses for home security cameras, some which may surprise you. Read More .

For example, imagine a situation where you’re you’d love to record a conversation, but you have no way to attach a recorder to your body. Your watch could become your recorder.

There are three great apps you can install, plus one that’s pre-installed, that can accomplish this:

  • Secret Recorder ($1.50): This simple voice recorder will record everything around you, even when the watch face is powered off.
  • Voice Recorder Watch ($1.50): This recorder is actually integrated into the watch face and lets you discretely start recording at any time.
  • Gear Voice Recorder ($3): With lots of features and a more advanced interface, this recorder lets you adjust the bitrate for a longer recording time.
  • Gear Voice Memo (Free): This simple recorder includes a text-to-speech feature for easy transcribing.

The free app comes installed on the Gear S3 and newer models when you receive it. It really does the trick as well as any of the paid apps.

Samsung Gear Voice Memo

If you’re headed into any important conversation and need to secretly record it, any of these apps will do.

Just make sure you understand and follow all laws in your area that govern secretly recording conversations.

5-7. Secret Agent Watch Faces

Sometimes, being a true spy is less about function than it is about appearances. There are three watch faces available in the Samsung Gear app store that’ll make you feel like a real live spy, 24 hours a day:

  • Analog Secret Spy Agent ($1): This watch face looks like the dial gauge on your (imaginary), high-powered spy car.
  • Spy Secret Agent ($1): Much like the free face below, this watch face has non-functional bar status indicators on the right and left.
  • 12HR Bond Q-Watch (Free): This free version is actually cooler looking than the other available spy watch faces (see below). It’s based off the iconic pause menu of GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo 64.

If you want people to catch a glance of your spy watch and wonder what your story is, this is definitely the watch face for you. It features cool elements like your mission status that aren’t connected to anything, but nobody has to know that!

Samsung Gear GoldenEye 007 Watch Face

8-11. Emergency Lights

What does every spy need when you find yourself in a dark place and need to find your way out? A light, of course.

You could always use your phone to light up the darkness, but smartwatches are way more convenient. The Gear has some great apps for lighting up dark places:

  • watchLite (Free): Just by turning the bezel on your watch, you can adjust the brightness of this light.
  • Torch light lantern ($0.79): This is a light that lets you project both white and colored lights from the watch face.
  • King of light (Free): This app also lets you project different colors. This is great, especially if you’re the kind of spy who likes to go to fancy parties.
  • Color Torch (Free): Free and does the job. This app will light up your watch face with bright light.

So the next time you’ve got your hands tied up in a dark room and you need to see so you can break out of your bonds, just turn on this app and the room will light up. Then you can use your secret agent skills to untie the knots that bind you!

Samsung Gear Light Face

Or if the lights ever go out in your house Power Outages and Your Smart Home (It's Not as Bad as You Think) Power Outages and Your Smart Home (It's Not as Bad as You Think) Worried that all of your smart home upgrades will stop working the moment the power goes out? Here's how a power outage will affect four key pieces of smart home technology. Read More during a thunderstorm, it comes in handy then too.

12-14. Phone Camera Remote Controls

One of the best methods of spying on any location is installing an audio or video “bug” How to Set Up Hidden Security Cameras in Your Home How to Set Up Hidden Security Cameras in Your Home Hidden cameras are a guaranteed way to keep track of everything going on in your home. Here are some creative options that are almost impossible to spot! Read More so that you can see and hear what’s going on when you aren’t there.

Your own phone is one of the best “bugs” available. If you ever have a need to monitor a room, all you have to do is “forget” your phone there. Make sure the camera is pointed in the perfect direction, and you can use your smartphone to remotely control your phone’s camera.

Some Samsung Gear apps available to accomplish this include:

  • Camera Gear ($2): This app lets you tap to take a photo or video. But best of all, it actually lets you see a live preview of what’s happening right from your watch.
  • Wrist Camera ($4): Wrist camera lets you take photo or video from your phone, but you need to be close enough for the Bluetooth connection to work.
  • Phone Camera Controller Pro ($1.49): Not the highest-rated app in the store, but it does the job if you’re looking to save some cash.

My favorite app in this group is definitely the Wrist Camera, because the user interface is so easy to use and it works well.

Samsung Gear Camera Watch

You won’t find another app you could use on your smartphone that’ll make you feel more like a secret agent than this one.

15. Make Calls Through Your Watch

Samsung Gear Phone Watch

You’ve watched those James Bond movies The Best Bond Gadgets Of All Time The Best Bond Gadgets Of All Time James Bonds gadgets are legendary. In this article, we run down some of the most futuristic gadgets from the films, and see how they stand up in the era of the iWatch. Read More where Bond communicates to his boss through his wristwatch. Well, that’s no longer fiction. This feature actually comes standard when you buy a Samsung Gear smartwatch.

Select the Phone app, and you can scroll through all the contacts from your phone to choose the person you want to call.+

You can choose to either make a call or create an SMS message through your smartwatch. When you make a call, the conversation takes place entirely via the smartwatch, not the phone.

The Samsung Gear is equipped with a speaker and microphone so you can have an entire conversation with someone right from your wrist. You can leave your phone in your pocket or your handbag.

If that doesn’t make you feel like a secret agent, nothing will.

Other Cool Smartwatch Apps You Might Like

Just because you’re not a kid anymore doesn’t mean you can’t still be a kid at heart. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to download some of the apps above and relive your childhood all over again. You can also get some personal style going with the Samsung Gear’s custom watch faces or learn how to master your Samsung Galaxy smartwatch 13 Tips and Tricks to Master Your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch 13 Tips and Tricks to Master Your Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch Got a new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active? Make the most of it with our list of awesome Galaxy Watch tips and tricks. Read More with these tips and tricks.

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