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Salty Bet Lets You Gamble On Awesome Video Game Character Fights

Craig Snyder 06-09-2013

Have you ever wanted to see how your favorite video game characters 5 Video Game Characters I Wish I Could Hang Out With In Real Life [MUO Gaming] Have you ever wondered what it would be like to meet up with your favorite video game characters in real life? There are some really cool characters in the video game world, and some of... Read More would do against each other in one-on-one battles? The Super Smash Bros. series has proven that it’s something that a huge audience seems to be interested in, and Salty Bet takes it one step further.


Games like King of Fighters, Marvel vs. Capcom, and Mortal Kombat have dominated the fighting game scene 4 Websites Every Fighting Game Fan Needs To Visit Daily Read More for years. It’s always fun to see those Scorpion vs. Sub-Zero and Kyo vs. Terry matches. These are some of the most competitive games that have ever come to consoles, and there is an immense skill cap. Salty Bet kicks the world of 2D fighters into overdrive and turns it into a spectator sport.

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Salty Bet is a website where you can watch a 24/7 stream of MUGEN fights, and bet on each and every match. MUGEN is a 2D fighting game engine that was released in 1999. It’s an engine that takes the gameplay of a classic game in this genre, like Street Fighter, and opens it up to literally hundreds of new characters.

What kind of characters? Ryu, Rogue, Evil Ken, Juggernaut, Misty, Shaq, Segalow, Barney, Captain America, Squall, Android 16, Super Mario, Cyclops, Cell, Dr. Doom, Hibiki, Nega Joe, Buttercup, Frieza, Mystique, Jedah, Rugal, Rare Akuma, Dragon Claw, Multiple Man, The Thing, Ossan, Pan, Bane, Sodom, Ironman, and so many more.

Salty Bet Lets You Gamble On Awesome Video Game Character Fights dccasino

Salty Bet features fights between a database of more than 1,600 characters. Some of these characters are ridiculously overpowered, hilariously broken and glitched, and poorly rendered. They all come from your favorite games, anime, and cartoons. Not only is it entertaining to see how the matches pan out, but being surprised by new characters is a huge part of the enjoyment. The fights are all AI controlled, so you don’t have to worry about real player skills.


I know you’re dying to see what some of these matches look like. Check out this video of a match between two of the coolest MUGEN characters, Alter Amiba and Ghetto Warmachine:

Here’s another, this time between P Chunli and Violent Dan:

Streaming MUGEN CPU matches isn’t all that Salty Bet is about. The other half of what makes this website so awesome is that it’s a casino and community. You’re able to bet on the outcome of every single match. The first character to win three rounds is victorious. Odds are determined dynamically and based on the weighted bets of others, meaning you could have a huge advantage if you actually know your MUGEN. You start with $400 Salty Bucks and have the chance to raise that as high as you can. Salty Bet even includes a leaderboard, where you’re able to see the richest bettors.

Salty Bet Lets You Gamble On Awesome Video Game Character Fights sbleaders


The Salty Bet website’s design is really neat. It integrates a fun, community experience into the stream and has you always feeling like a part of the action. On the left-hand side, you’re able to see the community betting stats per match. In the middle, you have the Twitch stream itself. To the right side, there is a stream chat.

Salty Bet Lets You Gamble On Awesome Video Game Character Fights sbui

The stream chat is pretty hilarious, though vulgar at times (hence the blur). The Salty Bet community have their own rules and memes already. You always bet on DBZ. You always bet on Touhou. You always bet on Sailor Moon (except Sailor Moon). Never bet on Krillin, he’s terrible. Oh, and never follow the advice of the chat, either. Try it and you’ll quickly learn why.

The community and website itself reminds me a lot of Toonami Aftermath Toonami Aftermath Brings You Back To The Days Of Cartoon Network's Greatness Cartoon Network featured a few lackluster shows, but nothing on the planet could beat their action-animation block: Toonami. Debuting in 1997, Toonami featured cartoons and anime like Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Gundam Wing, and... Read More . It comes with that nostalgic feel to it, too. You’ll soon find yourself memorizing the strengths and weaknesses of each character, cringing and spamming in the stream chat along with other viewers, and getting painfully addicted to the constant tunes from Chrono Trigger Looking For New Music? Here Are 5 Of The Best Chrono Trigger OCRemixes OCRemix is one of many sites where you can legally get free music. The catch is that the songs on OCRemix are remixes of popular video game soundtracks. You won’t find Pink Floyd or Taylor... Read More and other awesome games that play in the background of every round.


Signing up for a Salty Bet account is completely free. If you blow all your cash, you’ll be reset to a balance of $10 (which has happened to me). The stream is always online, and there are even special tournament events every Thursday that are always hyped and exciting. Sign up, log on, set a dollar amount, and click a button to set your bet. It’s really that simple. Salty Bet has been growing exponentially ever since it made the flip to these MUGEN matches, and I can only see it growing larger. This is one of my favorite new ways to waste time.

What do you think about Salty Bet? Let’s talk about the website, MUGEN, and some of these hilarious match-ups in the comments below!

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  1. Leoner R
    September 15, 2013 at 5:18 am

    Thank you for this, I have my own MUGEN set up 4 years ago but I didn't know about Salty Bet.