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Dave LeClair 12-06-2013

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This guide is available to download as a free PDF. Download Safari for Mac Keyboard Shortcuts now. Feel free to copy and share this with your friends and family.

Safari is one of the most widely used browsers, especially for Mac users. Did you know that there are some incredibly useful keyboard shortcuts that can hep you take your browsing experience to the next level.

Our Safari for Mac Keyboard Shortcuts cheat sheet has all the shortcuts you need conveniently placed on a single page. If you find this cheat sheet useful, take a moment to share it with your friends.

Here is a text version of the cheat sheet:

-Multi-Touch Gestures

(for those of you with multitouch capable Macs)

Go Back Swipe left with two fingers
Go Forward Swipe right with two fingers
Zoom Out/Decrease Font Size Pinch
Zoom In/ Increase Font Size Spread/ Pinch out

-Tabs & Web Pages

Next Tab Ctrl+Tab
Previous Tab Shift+Ctrl+Tab
Page Down Space
Page Up Shift+Space
Jump to Address Bar Command+L
New Tab Command+T
Open Link in New Tab Command+click a link
Add Linked Page to Reading List Shift+Click a link

-Viewing Pages

Ignore Styling and
View in Reader Shift+Command+R
Increase Text Size Command++ (plus)
Decrease Text Size Command+- (minus)
Default Text Size Command+0
Enter or Exit Full Screen Command+Esc
Home Page Shift+Command+H
Mail Link to Current Page Shift+Command+I
Reload Page Command+R

-Show/Hide Features

Hide/Show Toolbar Command+I
Hide/Show Bookmarks Shift+Command+B
Hide/Show Status Bar Command+/
Hide/Show Tab Bar Shift+Command+T
Show Top Sites Option+Command+1
Show History Option+Command+2
Show Reading List Shift+Command+L
Show Downloads Option+Command+L

-The Rest

Find Text on Page Command+F
Find Next Command+G
Use Selection for Find Command+E
AutoFill Form Shift+Command+E
Add Bookmark Folder Shift+Command+N
Close current tab Command+W
Re-open closed tab(undo)Command+Z
Download Link Command+click
Close Safari Command+Q
Hide all Safari Windows Command+H
New Safari Window Command+N
Open Context Menu(link) Ctrl+click


Empty Browser Cache Option+Command+E
Stop Loading Page Command+. (period)
View Page Source Option+Command+U
Disable Pop Up Windows Shift+Command+K
Preferences Menu Command+, (comma)
Page Setup Shift+Command+P
Max Screen Shift+Command+M

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