Runtastic: Have Your Fitness Exercise Data Recorded & Analyzed On Windows Phone

Umar 25-04-2013

Do you go out exercising with your phone? If so, then you can use Runtastic to get some really valuable exercise data to analyze your fitness.


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Runtastic is a free to use smartphone application compatible with smart devices running Windows Phone version 7, 7.5, or 8. The app is sized at nearly 14 MB. The function of the application is to let you track your outdoor exercise activities through your smart device’s GPS. After selecting the outdoor exercise activity you are doing, you can have the application track your location. This information is then used by the website to record time, distance, burned calories, speed, elevation, and numerous other statistics that are relevant to your exercise.

For better precision and exactness of records, the app lets you add manual entries too. Overall, the app can be used to view the exact exercise route you took, the history of your training, your overall monthly stats, sharing your exercise stats on various social networks, and adding miscellaneous information such as personal feeling, temperature, underground information, and personal notes.


The phone application has a fully fledged website as well, where you can upload your Runtastic activities. There you are able to get a detailed analysis and further statistics to get a complete overview of your fitness performance.



  • A user friendly smartphone application.
  • Compatible with phones running Windows Phone.
  • Lets you track your fitness activities.
  • Uses GPS data to computer various fitness stats.
  • Can synch your fitness data to Runtastic website for detailed analysis.
  • Lets you add personal feelings and personal notes as well.

Check out Runtastic @

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