RunKeeper Update For iOS 7 Tracks Data In Background For iPhone 5s, Adds AirDrop
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RunKeeper, the app to track workouts, has had a new update on iOS that makes it easier to share workouts with friends, and is among the first apps to make use of the new M7 processor’s ability to access the phone’s sensors in the background.

The M7 processor, used in the new iPhone 5s, iPad Air and iPad Mini, processes and stores data from the the device’s sensors—accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS and compass—even when an app isn’t running. When you start an app, it can access that stored information.


“If you’ve ever been walking around a lot and wished you had tracked it with RunKeeper, regret no more! Our new Pocket Track feature tracks walks of at least 15 minutes automatically and gives you the option to add those to your activity list. Just be sure to opt in to background activity tracking when you install this update, and also open up RunKeeper at the end of each day so you can find those walks that were tracked,” RunKeeper said in a blog post.

On the iPhone 5s, it can also figure out the user’s cadence, or steps per minute, and then display it in a chart.

RunKeeper also uses the new AirDrop function in iOS 7 to let you share your workouts with friends. So if you want to follow the same routine as your running buddy, you can share a workout with AirDrop.

The new RunKeeper update is available for download from the App Store. Features like these are what make it one of the best iPhone apps around.

Source: RunKeeper blog

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