Run Windows 95 in Your Browser With No Extra Software
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Windows 95 turned 20 this past August, and the features it introduced are still core parts of Windows today. Whether you remember Windows 95 like it was yesterday or never got to experience the revolutionary operating system (OS) for yourself, you can play around with it now.

Just click this link to access Windows 95 in your browser without having to install any plugins or special software. A young developer figured out a way to make the OS code translate to your browser, so you can click around to your heart’s content. It’s not perfect (it will take a minute to boot up), but it gives a pretty good emulation of the real thing.

If you’re a seasoned Windows user, Windows 95 will probably bring back memories of the classic startup sound and basic games. If this is your first time checking it out, you can marvel at the archaic version of Internet Explorer and see how many current Windows features got their start.

People have managed to get Windows 95 running on smartwatches and the Nintendo 3DS, so seeing it in a browser doesn’t seem as amazing as it once would have. Still, it’s a cool way to interact with history.

Interested in more ancient OSes? You can access four other classic operating systems in your browser.

I want to hear your fondest memories of Windows 95 in the comments! If this was your first time using it, what did you find interesting about it?

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