RouteXL: Get Best Route For Multiple Locations With Google Maps

Israel Nicolas 30-10-2012

Many of us have been using Google Maps to navigate through city streets by using point-to-point routes. Google has excelled in this area, where it can now suggest different routes to users, and you only have to pick the best one for you. But what if you want to find the best route for multiple stops?


best route for multiple locations

RouteXL is a Google Maps mashup that provides the optimum route for you along multiple destinations. It can do this by calculating each waypoint and sort them to give you the fastest route.

To make use of Route XL, all you need to do is enter each address, then click to find the best route. You can also import up to 20 addresses to maximize the app. Designate one of the points as either your start point, end point, or both. Once the route is calculated, you can share a direct link to your friends, or print it to bring it with you.

This app is useful when you need to go to different points during your trip. This could be as simple as deciding whether to pass by the grocery before going to the office, or setting up multiple meetings along your walk trail.

It is also very helpful for more exhaustive trips, like planning a house-to-house sale, selling Girl Scout cookies in the community, or plotting your newspaper route.


Route XL provides a new feature that you wish Google Maps would integrate into their app in the future. That means it is a crazy good app with a definite use.


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  1. Julie Baker
    July 28, 2018 at 2:53 pm

    For route optimization, you can use which is multiple address route planner with the ability to keep track all of the places you need to visit.