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Dave LeClair 23-05-2013

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Shopping for a router can be incredibly difficult. There are so many different brands, price ranges, and types of technology out there, it can be overwhelming.

Next time you need to go to the store, bring our handy cheat sheet with you, and you will be ready to pick out the perfect router for your needs, without all the confustion!

Router Shopping Tips & Tricks routertipsthumb

Please find the contents of the cheat sheet below.


Standard Frequency Max Speed* Notes
802.11B 2.4GHz 11 Mbit/s old standard
802.11G 2.4GHz 54 Mbit/s best for: simple networks; flats, apartments or small houses.
802.11N 2.4GHz, 5GHz 600 Mbit/s best for: transferring/streaming larger media files, gaming; larger houses
802.11AC 5GHz 1 Gbit/s latest technology, not finalized yet, but already on the market

*The speed indicated on vendors’ packaging is the one tested under “the best circumstances” (clean area, no interference).

Security tip: even though most of modern routers support WPA2, just make sure it does.

Single Band routers work only with one frequency

Double Band routers support two frequencies at the same time and are backward compatible

Router Shopping Tips & Tricks routerfreq

Top Router Brands and Price Ranges for N Routers

Brand Single Band Dual Band
Linksys $40-$60 $90-$150
WD $55-$150
Asus $27-$58 $57-$190
Securifi Almond $80 $100
Belkin $30-$70 $70-$200
Cisco $30-$70 $70-$150
D-Link Systems $30-$70 $100-$200
Buffalo AirStation $20-$90 $75-$130
TRENDnet $26-$90 $76-$190
TP-LINK $20-$55 $55-$130
Apple AirPort $100-$500
NETGEAR $30-$60 $60-$300

You may also download this cheat sheet in PDF format as seen in the image above.

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