Route4Me: Find the Shortest Route & Save Gas

Justin Pot 14-03-2010

There’s no shortage of tools on the web for getting directions: Google Maps and Map Quest are amongst the most famous. These tools are all great for finding directions when you have a set order in mind. If you simply have a number of places you need to get to however, Route4Me can help you out by finding the shortest possible loop between the three points. This will not only save you time: it will save you gas and money.


find the shortest route

Sure, this program doesn’t output maps the way Google Maps and Map Quest do. But it does give you turn by turn directions. Even better: you can download these directions and put them onto your GPS device, depending on what kind of GPS you have. This is a great way to plan a trip, be it a quick loop around town running errands or a recreational  road trip.

find the quickest route


  • Find the quickest route possible between multiple poinnts.
  • Get turn-by-turn directions
  • Find the most efficient route or loop if going to three or more places
  • Download directions to your computer for use with your GPS device.
  • Similar tools: The Route Planner.

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