Route Planner: Find The Most Optimal Driving Route For Multiple locations

Israel Nicolas 17-04-2010

When you are driving to several different locations, it is important to plan your route ahead to save time and gas. Thanks to advances in mapping and GPS technology, you can now use the internet to help you plan the most efficient and optimal driving route.


Route Planner is an online planning tool that uses Google Maps to process the best route available, which also considers the number of vehicles, its capacity, and the amount of time needed to go from one point to another.

optimal driving route

To use Route Planner, first you need to designate a vehicle starting location on the map. Then you need to add waypoints to specify the places that you need to go to. Right-clicking on the icons allows you to input more details such as load capacity, working time, and end destination for vehicles, and load request, time window, and service time for waypoints.

Once you are done plotting all of the vehicles and locations on the map, you can click the optimize button to process the best route based on the information that you input. You can also export the resulting route plan as an Excel or CSV file.

optimal driving route


Route Planner is very useful for businesses that need a tool to manage their deliveries. It currently provides free access with a limit of 4 vehicles and 24 waypoints. If you need a larger requirement, you can easily contact them and have them set up an account for you.


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