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How to Rotate the Windows Display by 90 Degrees (and Why You Should)

Nancy Messieh 28-06-2018

The Windows operating system allows you to rotate your entire screen by 90 degrees if you want to. But why would you want to?


This underused feature can be a handy way to get more out of your screen real estate with certain programs that lend themselves to portrait orientation.

This is, however, useful only if you can actually physically turn your screen by 90 degrees. So if you have a laptop with a screen that rotates, or you have an external monitor on a mount that allows rotation, this method will work wonders for you. It’s particularly useful if you have multiple external monitors Finally Get Two Functional Desktops With Actual Multiple Monitors Once you have tried working with a dual monitor setup, you'll never go back. While two monitors give you double the workspace and boost productivity, I found the setup is never perfect. In the end,... Read More .

How to Rotate the Orientation of a Windows Display

Whether or not you have multiple monitors set up on Windows 10 The Complete Guide to Setting Up Multiple Displays in Windows 10 For your productivity, two screens are better than one. Let's see how you can customize your second monitor with the best tools available online. Read More , you can use this method:

  1. To change the orientation of your external display, right click anywhere on your desktop and click Display Settings. How to Rotate the Windows Display by 90 Degrees (and Why You Should) Display Settings
  2. In the Settings window that opens up, make sure you have the correct display selected. You can do this by selecting the numbered display you want to change and clicking Identify. (If you have only one external monitor you don’t have to worry about this step.) How to Rotate the Windows Display by 90 Degrees (and Why You Should) Windows 10 Display
  3. When you’re sure you have the correct display selected, scroll down to Scale and layout and under Orientation select Portrait from the dropdown menu.  How to Rotate the Windows Display by 90 Degrees (and Why You Should) Windows 10 Portrait Display
  4. Your monitor should now be displaying in the portrait mode. Click Keep changes to maintain the portrait mode.

When Does Orientation Rotation Come in Handy?

If you have two external displays, there may be certain programs you always keep open in one of those displays. Here are a couple of examples of when you might get more out of using portrait mode:

  • When using Outlook, or any other email client, changing the orientation to portrait mode allows you to see far more items in your inbox than with the traditional landscape mode.
  • If you’re designing a lengthy infographic using a program like Photoshop or Illustrator, turning your screen 90 degrees, allows you to see more of the entire design in one go. (You can keep reference material open on the other screen.)

Anytime you need a more lengthy screen, this little trick can get you just that—and this is just one of the many ways having dual monitors can make you more productive How to Be More Productive with Dual Monitors You need space for several documents, to get an overview and swiftly shift between tasks. What's true for your desk also applies to your virtual workspace. We show you how it matters. Read More .


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  1. Tom Arctus
    July 13, 2020 at 6:05 pm

    This just happened to me accidentally when I leaned against the keyboard. Try using a mouse with the display rotated 90 degrees, or finding out how to undo the resulting snafu. My question is: how do I permanently disable the "feature" that rotates the display 90 degrees? :p