Rotate Images in a Single Click With File Explorer on Windows 10

Saikat Basu 27-10-2016

The Windows 10 File Explorer hides a few nifty image manipulation tools. We have already seen how you can start a picture slideshow for your family and friends. Now, let’s head to the same Picture Tools tab and rotate images that are facing the wrong way.


Rotating images is an everyday task for even the simplest of image editors. But you don’t need to rummage around in your installed program list because File Explorer is up to the job. You can rotate clockwise or anti-clockwise with ease. And File Explorer gives you three different methods to go through the process like a breeze.

With the Picture Tool

Open the folder containing picture files.

Select the image that you want to rotate. For multiple pictures in one go, select the ones you want to rotate.

Rotate Images in File Explorer

Click the Manage tab and then click Rotate left or Rotate right button to rotate the selected pictures.


With the Keyboard Shortcut

Select the image or images you want to rotate. Press Alt key, press JP, press RL to rotate left and press RR to rotate right.

Keyboard shortcuts

With the Right-Click Context Menu

Select the image or images you want to rotate. Right-click for the context menu. Then, click Rotate right or Rotate left option.

Right-Click Context Menu

A wrongly oriented image can be because of Windows 10 itself, the tool used to take the picture, or a photo scanned at an angle. Setting them on the right axis isn’t such a big deal.

The default Photos app on Windows 10 also has the rotate options. But it is so much easier in File Explorer. Try it next time.

How do you rotate images on Windows? Got any other tips or tricks for us? Let us know in a comment below!

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  1. Alain
    February 13, 2020 at 7:15 pm

    Why O why so many steps ??? This makes shortcuts unusalbe. Faster to click. Why can't I at least use F10 and a letter ? (Like "l"). This used to work ! We are so moving backwards... yes my 5 YO can do it but what's the use ??
    Thanks if you have any clue or explanation or register hack