RootMetrics Cellphone Coverage Map: Check the Actual Coverage of Carriers
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Cellphone operators around the world are notorious for providing grossly inaccurate facts to consumers when it comes to network coverage. An app like RootMetrics Cellphone Coverage Map is what consumers need to verify the network coverage by an operator in a particular area. It rates the signal strength of various carriers and shows it on a map. The data is obtained primarily from users running the app. It tracks signal strength, network issues, dropped calls, etc and the data is added to its database for that wireless operator.

coverage of carriers

The RootMetrics tool is available for Android and iPhone, and it seems that it currently works only in US cities and for the US cellphone carriers. Not sure about that though. You’ll need to try it out to see if it works in your location.


Check out RootMetrics Cellphone Coverage Map @ (iPhone) and (Android)

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