Rolio: Subscribe To The Best Feeds & Get The Most Interesting Online News

Umar 25-03-2013

Subscribing to a news website does not ensure that you will be getting news which you find interesting. Here to help accomplish this task is a website called Rolio.


Rolio: Subscribe To The Best Feeds & Get The Most Interesting Online News Politics

Rolio is a free to use web service that helps deliver the most interesting news to you. The website provides you with feeds of the most popular news services online and it lets you select which news you want to check out every day. You can begin using Rolio by first creating an account on the website. The next step involves clicking on the news categories that you are interested in.

Against each category you will find numerous website feeds populated; simply click on the ‘+’ icon next to the website names you want to stay updated with. If you cannot find a website that you like in the list, simply specify the site’s feed URL or submit the site’s name to be added into Rolio’s options. With your websites added, your overall feed will show you the latest news from all of your selected websites.

You can get just the right new mixture of science, technology, health, lifestyle, travel, and more. Clicking on a news item in your feed will take you to the original article.



Your Rolio dashboard also displays trending topics based on your interests.

Rolio: Subscribe To The Best Feeds & Get The Most Interesting Online News trendingnow

In addition to all of its current features, the website is working on releasing its Android and iOS smart device application in the near future.


  • A user friendly web service.
  • Lets you get in touch with internet news that interests you.
  • You can select from various websites covering various topics.
  • You can specify feed URLs in case you cannot find your favorite websites.
  • Trending topics are displayed in addition to feed entries.

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