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Røde’s Most Versatile Shotgun Microphone Ever: The VideoMic NTG

James Bruce 20-11-2019

The Røde VideoMic range has been a favorite of DSLR videographers and amateur filmmakers for over a decade, producing great quality sound in a compact and affordable package. The newly announced VideoMic NTG brings the broadcast-quality audio technology of Røde’s profession NTG line into a versatile and convenient VideoMic package.


It’s available today initially in the US for $249, with other regional pricing and availability to follow.

High Specs

What can you expect from the Røde VideoMic NTG? Here are some of the standout features:

  • The same Annular Line Tube Technology from the newest NTG5 microphone and low self-noise; providing highly directional pickup and near-flat frequency response for as natural-sounding audio as you can get.
  • Auto-sensing TRS and TRRS 3.5mm output, eliminating the need for adaptors when switching between DSLR and mobile devices.
  • USB output, with optional headphone monitoring.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery for 30+ hours of use.
  • Lightweight and rugged aluminum body (94g), enabling it to be comfortably used on any size camera or a boom pole.
  • Infinitely variable gain control, enabling you to precisely match audio levels to the input characteristics of any camera.

Of course, the VideoMic NTG also retains the features that make the rest of the VideoMic range so useful. This includes a switchable high-pass filter (75/150Hz) to remove low-end background noise, and a high-frequency shelf boost to counteract the effects of using foam and furry windshields.

If that wasn’t enough, the user favorite -20dB safety channel feature from the VideoMic Pro+ has been integrated, which turns your stereo channel recording into a dual mono recording, with one channel at 20dB lower volume than the other. This works as a backup, ensuring you’ll always have a clean audio channel if the other experiences clipping from unexpected high volumes.

Røde's Most Versatile Shotgun Microphone Ever: The VideoMic NTG R DE VM NTG PACKAGING PROFILE RGB


Lastly, the real quality of life improvement might be the auto power-on and off feature, which syncs to your camera’s power. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve forgotten to turn off my VideoMic, only to come back next to time to a dead battery; or worse, forgotten to turn it on and been left with no audio at all!


For mobile devices, DSLRs, or even connected to your laptop or desktop over USB, the VideoMic NTG delivers professional sound quality at an affordable price. It can be mounted on-camera with the included shock absorber, attached to a boom, or held on a pistol grip. Whether it’s for podcasting interviews, live streaming, or filmmaking, the VideoMic NTG looks set to be Røde’s most versatile mic yet. We can’t wait to get our hands on one.

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