Ribbon Disabler For Windows 8: Disable & Enable The Ribbon Feature In Windows 8

Dave LeClair 28-03-2012

If you are using the consumer preview for Windows 8, than you are probably a little overwhelmed by how much new stuff is in there. It’s like a complete new world from Windows 7. Some of the features are great, and some not so much. Obviously, it is a matter of taste whether or not you like a feature, but we have found a handy way to disable one that people seem split on. Using Ribbon Disabler, you can kill the new ribbon feature in Windows 8 quickly and easily.


disable ribbon windows 8

The program is small and simple. You don’t need to install anything, and the app can be run on a thumb drive. You simply run the application and choose either “Enable Explorer Ribbon” or “Disable Explorer Ribbon.” Once clicked, the change will stay in effect until you run the program again and click the other option. If the ribbon bothers you, you will not find an easier way to get rid of the ribbon.


  • Disable the Windows 8 Explorer Ribbon quickly and easily.
  • Tiny program with no install required.
  • Runs off thumb drive.
  • Simply on and off to get rid of the ribbon.
  • Doesn’t cause problem for Paint and Wordpad.

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