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MOin 19-04-2010

Songwriters and poets often encounter writer’s dead ends when they cannot find the perfect rhyme for a particular word. While the rhyming word might be in the writer’s mind, it is probably in the subconscious. Transferring that rhyme from the subconscious to the conscious is what RhymeIt does.


dictionary of rhyming words

RhymeIt is a simple online dictionary of rhyming words that takes an English word and provides us with words that rhyme. The rhyming is done based on the number and type of syllables in our entered word.

With the Rhymes all present in front of the writer it becomes a lot easier to decide which one will go best with the word in mind. There are some words however which RhymeIt cannot rhyme; when this happens the user is notified. The rhyme-less words’ list can be viewed here.

This website is a must-bookmark tool for all poets or songwriters who want to prevent writer’s block resulting from lack of rhymes.

dictionary of rhyming words



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