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When looking for a job, your resume is your window to make a great first impression to potential employers. However, since we create our own resumes, you probably need a better idea how your resume stacks up against the competition. One tool that can help you with this is ReZScore.

This automatic resume grader app screens your resume and provide a breakdown on how your resume is rated (or if it will fly with your employer).

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You do not need to sign up to use RezScore. Just upload your resume to get your grade. This app uses a propriety algorithm that analyzes your resume against several factors as recommended by job search experts, hiring managers, HR directors, and other experts in this field.

automated resume screening

Metrics for grading include your resume structure, language, relevance of qualifications to the job description, and even SEO. Your resume then gets a final grade as well as a breakdown of your grades based on brevity, impact, and depth. You can also see where your resume is rated among other users who also uploaded theirs.

RezScore is a great tool not only for job hunters but also for employers who need tools to grade resumes objectively.


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