Revl: A Web Service That Helps People Find The Right Jobs

MOin 07-12-2012

LinkedIn is a highly popular social network that connects professionals with one another. While the site definitely has its advantages, it does not do a very good job of helping people find the jobs that truly match their interests and skills. Here to fill that gap is a new online network for professionals called Revl.


helps people find jobs

Revl is an excellent web service that provides you with a platform to clearly define three things:

  1. This is who I am.
  2. This is what I’ve done.
  3. And this is what I want to do.

Those three points, taken right off Revl’s website, basically means that you can showcase your skills, experience, and interests through your Revl profile. Once that is done, the site makes it easier for job seekers and employers to find one another by connecting the right people with the right jobs.


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