How to Return Merchandise Without a Receipt
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<firstimage=”//”/>return merchandise without receiptNo doubt in this season of giving and receiving, you buy or receive a few items for which you want to return for refund but you may not have a receipt.

Checking the refund policies of major U.S. stores, I discovered policies vary from store to store. Some provide full refunds within a certain number of days, while a few others can be a Christmas Scrooge and absolutely not accept product returns without a receipt. So the following is a breakdown of seven chain stores along with their return and refund policies. I also included some tips for returning items when you can’t find the original receipt.

Preparing for Refund

When you want to return an item, don’t put off doing so. You will get better results by returning items within a week or two of purchase. Your chances for refund will be much better if the product is unused and all the associated items are included, e.g., original package, instructions, and accessories.

If a store requires a receipt and you don’t have it, you will be able to return it if you have a credit or debit card receipt, or gift receipt. If don’t have one of these receipts, you can contact your credit or debit card company or bank about getting a statement of your purchases and see if they can provide you copy of your specified receipt. Often times, stores themselves can track receipts if you provide a credit or debit information.

Lastly, if your item was a gift, you still may be able to return it without the receipt if the gift tag is included with the item. All chain stores will allow you the return an item to any of its local stores even if the item was not purchased locally.

So let’s check the general refund policies of seven major stores. Each store includes a link to their official refund policies so that you can get more details.


Walmart accepts returns for up to 90 days within purchase, with a receipt. Some exceptions include electronic items like computers and camcorders. These items must be returned within 15-45 days. Prerecorded music, movies, and software products must be returned unopened.

return merchandise without receipt

Walmart also allows you to return merchandise without a receipt. You get the option of a cash refund (if the purchase was under $25), a shopping card for the amount of the purchase (if it was $25) or even an exchange for another product.

Walmart keeps track of customers returning more than three items without a receipt within a 45-day period. After that third item, the cash register system will automatically flag the transaction and you will have to speak to the store manager to approve your return.


Target also accepts returns and exchanges within 90 days of purchase. Products must be unused and contain all the original packaging and accessories. Items that have been opened, such as music, movies, video games, software and collectibles can only be exchanged for the same or similar item.

no receipt return

Target says if you don’t have a receipt, its stores “can verify purchases made on a credit or debit card, check or GiftCard using our Refund Look-up system.” Target also has a similar system for gifts you receive as part of a gift registry. Check Target”˜s return policy for more details.

Unfortunately, some Target items, including camcorders, digital cameras, portable DVD players and portable electronics, are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Toys “R” Us

All Toys”R”Us products can be returned within 90 days of purchase, except for video games, software and most electronic items. These items must be returned within 45 days of purchase. All returned items must be new or like-new, unused, and include original packaging, paper manuals and instructions, and packing slip if you look to get full credit return.

no receipt return

Toys”R”Us appears to have a hardline policy of not accepting returns without a receipt, gift receipt, or online packing slip.

Toys”R”Us says it will not accept some items purchased from its “pool, water slide, and large items” categories. You will contact the manufacturers of these items about returns and refunds.


Macy’s provides up to 180 days within time of purchase for returned items. It provides full refund for in-store and online purchases. However, it does have special guidelines for jewelry, floor rugs, mattresses, gourmet food, and furniture. You will need to call 1-800-BUY-MACY, for more details on these items.

no receipt return

Macy’s will accept items for return without receipt, if the product contains the sticker or gift card receipt, but you will only get in-store credit or exchange for the same or similar item, not a full refund. A credit or debit card receipt will also be accepted. Items purchased at any Macy’s store can be returned to any of its store locations, not just the original location.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond says it will accept returns and exchanges at any of their stores nationwide. You must “bring the original packing invoice and the credit card used for the purchase. Without the original packing invoice and your credit card, you may receive an exchange or merchandise credit.”

no receipt return policy

Best Buy

If you’re returning items to a Best Buy store, you have less time to do so compared to other stores. You only have 14 days to return computers, monitors, projector, camcorders, digital cameras, iPads, tablets and radar detectors. You only have 30 days for all other products; and 45 days for all products purchased by Reward Zone Program Premier Silver members.

Unless you’re a Premier Silver member, Best Buy also has a restocking fee of 25% for items for appliances and defective items.

no receipt return policy

Best Buy also has a list of items that are not returnable. These items include: pre-paid cards such as music, photo, video or phone cards; consumable items such as food, drink, and batteries; and items that are missing accessories, such as remote controls, cords, and cables.

Best Buy has no stated policy about returning items without a receipt. In my online research, I found that individual stores will accept returns without a receipt if the items are unused, like-new, include all the original packaging and instructions, and has the original price tag. You will probably only get in-store credit or exchange.

If you purchase a product by credit or debit card, Best Buy can locate the receipt using your card number and name.

I will also add that whenever you purchase electronic items from Best Buy, be sure to keep the receipts for needed repairs by their Geek Squad. If you don’t have a receipt, you be charged for the repair or consultation to see what is wrong with the product.

Home Depot

As with most other stores, Home Depot accepts unused, like-new 100% saleable condition items for up to 90 days from purchase. Damaged products must be returned within 30 days. Items can be returned to any of its nation-wide stores.

return merchandise without receipt

Home Depot requires a “copy of the packing slip or the customer receipt must accompany all returns.”

You can return Home Depot items without receipt, as long as you provide your date of birth, driver’s and license number. As with Walmart, your name will be entered into Home Depot’s database which means that if you returning too many items within a certain period of time, you will have to speak with the store manager.

Items returned without a receipt will only get you in-store credit or exchange of similar or same item.

I have provided information about seven nation-wide stores. Let us know about your experiences in returning items to these and other stores.

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  1. Kim G
    August 17, 2019 at 9:45 pm

    My daughter recently tried to return a Keurig she purchased for college at Target. Because she used cash and didn’t have a receipt, Target only offered her $22 in store credit for the unopened, unused $70 Keurig. This was ONE day after she bought it (we had to return it bc the dorm didn’t allow). According to Target, they are only allowed to give the lowest selling price if there’s no receipt with a cash purchase. Not sure where they’re selling a Keurig for $22, but I’d love to find out.🙄😡...anyway, buyers beware. This policy is Target friendly, not customer friendly.

  2. Steven
    September 26, 2017 at 11:12 pm

    Home depot does not return items without a receipt now this is very confusing and very disappointed in home depot

  3. Jason
    December 15, 2016 at 7:28 pm

    Everything is absolutely correct with these return policies. However, one more important piece of information needs to be presented to other readers and that is "STORE MANAGER RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ANY RETURN." The best way to avoid this obstacle is to contact customer service or corporate and have them speak on your behalf prior to making your rerurn

  4. Meow me
    August 11, 2016 at 8:45 am

    At bed bath and beyond where I have shopped for 20 years and spent thousands I was told by a manager who has worked there 2 years maybe that I had too many returns and too many returns with no receipt. He insulted me in front of the sales associate and other people standing there. He said I can't just buy things and then return them when there's nothing wrong with them and I don't want them. I pointed out that most of the things I had returned had something wrong. And I did have a receipt. He just kept repeating himself at which point I told him to please stop repeating yourself I'm going to make a complaint about you. My return was processed and the sales associate was very rude to me after that. I called bed and bath one 800-number customer service she apologized for me being treated way that badly asked for the name of the manager and said his boss will be talking to him about treating me this way. I feel like I don't want to shop there anymore and that was one of my favorite stores now I'm going to have to drive to the other bed and baths in my area which are much farther away overall I will not shop there is much unless the higher up company management does something to apologize to me for this terrible treatment of a long time customer.

  5. jeffb
    July 26, 2016 at 5:09 pm

    Hello. Regarding Home Depot and the customer trying to return Bosch blades.. You usually do not get 'flagged' until after 3 returns...but I also think they have a policy when it comes to certainq saw blades....they are one of the most stolen items at home depot and although I worked there only for a short time in the warehouse, I think they also flag items like power tool batteries, blades and other small, expensive items....this is what most thieves steal, because they are expensive and can easily conceal. So the person above lost out because of rampant thieves and the type of product -unfortunately:-(

  6. Stephanie
    May 22, 2016 at 9:19 pm

    I can tell you that The Home Depot does not allow returns on items for which you do not have a receipt. Someone brought me two packs of Bosch blades to use on my Dremel oscillating tool. Of course, Bosch blades do not work on Dremel so I brought the unopened package back to the HD to exchange for the correct blades. Keep in mind that I have been renovating an abandoned house since October of 2015 and have spent THOUSANDS in the HD. The clerk asked for my DL. She typed in my number, and my refund was declined. She tried it three more times with the same result. She gave me a number to call when I got home. I called the number and reached a third party vendor, The Retail Equation. Turns out, they track non-receipt returns. It was my first, but I am now in their database. Not cool. If you try to return an item without a receipt and they ask for your license do not give it to them or risk being put in their database. I wish I had a Lowe’s closer to my house so I could give them my business.

  7. Kane
    March 25, 2015 at 11:21 pm

    Great information! Thanks

  8. dixie
    January 17, 2015 at 10:13 am

    Thank you the info was very helpful.

  9. Fdklsajsd
    January 18, 2011 at 5:55 am

    Under $250 without manager approval/scrutiny (sometimes they check for less, but never an issue). 3 returns or 1 large return and your account is suspended. Suspended simply means that a manager will have to approve (he checks what items you have been returning). Home Depot is at least a 6 month period before you can return. Most managers will approve more than 3 returns without a receipt, especially if you're bad at saving receipts and you buy a lot of stuff from there.

    • Anonymous
      January 29, 2015 at 3:59 am

      What store are u talking about

  10. ODGlenchez
    January 3, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    I specifically asked and was told by a Home Depot employee that I did not have to have the receipt to return fluorescent light bulbs. We were having a black-light party and returned them the next day no questions asked.