20 Free Resume Templates for Word That’ll Help You Land a Job

Sandy Writtenhouse 16-04-2018

An impressive resume can be the difference between landing your dream job and someone else getting it instead of you. The details you include on your resume are extremely important. But you also need to be sure that the appearance is clean and professional.


These free Microsoft Word resume templates Free Microsoft Word Resume Templates to Help You Land Your Dream Job When hunting for jobs, you have to consider so many things! To ease the headache of preparing your resume, we have compiled a selection of great Microsoft Word templates. Download and customize for free! Read More will get you off to a great start. They each provide you with the layout, fonts, and formatting you need to create a standout resume that fits you.

1. Simple Resume Template

microsoft word resume templates - simple

With four basic sections, this template is suitable for anyone but ideal for those just entering the job force. If you have limited educational and professional experience, you can list those items easily. And for accomplishments, you can add any special recognition at the bottom.

This resume template is neat, clean, and simple.

2. General Resume Template

microsoft word resume templates - general


Here is another basic, free resume template for Microsoft Word with just a few sections. You can include a summary with your experience and education in a clear, attractive way.

The template has a fourth section labeled Computer Skills which you can use to add yours. But you can also use this area for highlighting other job skills or accomplishments.

3. Keep It Simple Resume Template

microsoft word resume templates - keep it simple

For one more simple resume template, this one offers the basics with additional sections. You will see places for your education and experience at the top. Then, you can use list formats for achievements, volunteer work, and job skills.


This is a nice template to use if you need those extra sections but want to keep them short and sweet at the same time.

4. Resume for Recent College Graduate

microsoft word resume templates - recent graduate

Appropriately named, this free resume template is perfect for those just beginning their career. The emphasis is on education with spots for the degree type, major, minor, and related coursework. The next section covers your job skills and then comes your work experience at the bottom.

So if you just graduated or are about to, check out this option.


5. Chronological Resume Template, Modern Design

microsoft word resume templates - chronological modern

This next Microsoft Word resume template gives you space at the top for a summary or objective if you like. Then, you can add your experience, education, and skills. Use the activities area at the bottom for anything additional that you want to highlight.

For those who want a chronological resume template with a small splash of green color, you will like this option.

6. Chronological Resume Template, Traditional Design

microsoft word resume templates - chronological traditional


Maybe you like the chronological template but prefer a traditional appearance without color. If so, this is the template for you. Each of the sections is separated nicely with a bold line and heading.

Most notable about this option is the formatting for experience which uses an almost column-like layout.

7. Traditional Elegance Resume Template

microsoft word resume templates - traditional elegance

For a chronological resume template with a sophisticated appearance, this option is titled as elegant. Of course, it begins with a section for your work experience and your education comes after that. But you can use the profile area at the top to highlight your skills.

The template has nice section dividers and bullet points which add to its appearance, making it suitable for any professional.

8. Chronological Resume Template, Minimalist Design

microsoft word resume templates - chronological minimalistic

This free chronological resume template offers a modern font with a classic look. Each section heading is out to the left, making it simple for your potential employer to view. You can take advantage of the additional sections for objective, communication, and leadership or simply remove those you don’t need.

This is another great template for almost any job type or industry.

9. Functional Resume Template, Blue Line Design

microsoft word resume templates - functional blue line

If you believe a functional resume is more effective for you, then this template is a good choice. It has a small amount of blue at the top with a bold line which makes it stand out. Then, you simply list your skills, accomplishments, work experience, and education in that order.

10. Functional Resume Template, Legal

microsoft word resume templates - functional legal

Another excellent functional resume but without color is this next template. You can start with a summary at the top and then move on to list your key competencies with attractive bullet points. Your work experience and education come after that, making this a good functional resume template option for most anyone.

11. Functional Resume Template, CV Traditional Design

microsoft word resume templates - functional traditional

This functional, free resume template offers a classic design. Group your professional accomplishments by field or area and then list more details underneath with bullet points. Then, add your work experience with simple dates, titles, and locations along with your education.

When you need to emphasize your skills and accomplishments, this functional resume template helps you do it easily.

12. Combination Resume Template, Economic

microsoft word resume templates - combination

While this template appears to be functional with skills listed at the top, the work experience section also stands out. So, this is a great option when you really want to highlight both. As with many other templates, you can include an objective or remove that section if you prefer.

Overall, this is a practical format that might be just what you’re looking for.

13. Photo Resume Template, Median Theme

microsoft word resume templates - photo resume

For something more modern that includes a photo, take a look at this resume template. It has a nice layout with the basic sections, attractive color scheme, and spot at the top for your photo. While most resume templates you see don’t include photographs, this may be the perfect option for someone in the creative industry.

And for another option in the creative field, check out how to create a resume from scratch with Canva How to Create a Resume From Scratch Using Canva In this article, we'll show you how to create a resume using Canva and make your resume stand out from the crowd. Read More .

14. Film Strip Resume Template

microsoft word resume templates - film strip resume

Another super option for those in the creative field is this film strip themed resume template for Microsoft Word. For graphic designers or photographers, just add your own images to the strip along the side. Then pop in your details like a professional profile, work experience, and skills.

This template gives you a great modern way to showcase your work.

15. High Impact Multi Colour Resume Template

microsoft word resume templates - high impact resume

If you like displaying your designs or photos, here is another terrific resume template. You can add one large image at the top with your name and titles. Include work experience right below it and then put more images at the bottom with your achievements.

16. Presentation Slide Resume Template

microsoft word resume templates - presentation resume

Maybe an infographic resume is something that interests you. This one offers an attractive layout with a few colors and spot for a photo. With each position in your work experience a different colored heading, this one is easy for potential employers to scan. It also gives you a place for a timeline to show your employment dates and a rating scale section for your skills.

If this is the way to go for you, then take a look at these additional infographic resume templates 12 Easy, Attractive, and Free Infographic Resume Templates Infographic resumes help you stand out from the crowd, but building one can be tough. These free infographic resume templates can help. Read More for more options.

17. Resume for Internal Company Transfer [No Longer Available]

microsoft word resume templates - internal transfer resume

When you need a resume specific to your job move, like an internal transfer, this one is ideal. It allows you to highlight your accomplishments at the top, list your skills, and then include work experience and education. It’s clean and to the point.

18. Veteran Elementary Teacher Resume Template

microsoft word resume templates - teacher resume

Don’t be fooled by the name of this free template because it can be used for various teacher or professor positions. You can include a brief introduction and then highlight your core competencies. List your work experience and then finish it off with your key contributions.

This is a great option to really make your accomplishments in the education field shine.

19. Computer Programmer Resume Template

microsoft word resume templates - programmer resume

For those in the technology industry, this free resume template gives you a simple way to show off your skills. You can start with a summary if you like and then move onto your computer skills. Next list your work experience with bullet points to highlight your duties and then finish with your education.

And you might take a look at these tips for creating your programming resume How to Write the Perfect Resume for a Programming Job Here are five things to do and five things to avoid when putting together your resume for a programming job. Read More too.

20. Executive Resume Sample Template

microsoft word resume templates - executive resume

If you are applying for an executive position, then you likely need a resume that allows for a lot of details. This two-page template gives you plenty of room and sections for making your experience and skills stand out from the crowd.

Add core competencies, career highlights, work experience, education, and affiliations. Remember, you can remove any section that you don’t want or just to keep the resume shorter.

Best of Luck in Your Job Search

Now that you have these free Microsoft Word resume templates, you are one step closer to getting that perfect position.

And for additional options, you can check out these free resume makers 5 Free Resume Makers to Make Your CV Stand Out in a Job Hunt Need your CV to stand out? Use these free resume maker tools to bolster your job hunt and increase your success rate. Read More or these resume templates for Adobe InDesign Find the Perfect InDesign Resume Template to Showcase Your Skills Adobe InDesign is the perfect tool for creating a resume. And these are some of the best InDesign resume templates to get you started. Read More . We’ve also written a guide to creating a cover letter How to Write a Cover Letter Do you know how to write a cover letter? These tips will help you create your first cover letter that makes an impact. Read More . Best of luck to you in your endeavors!

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    Merge templates on job sites: Indeed, ZipRecruiter etc alone for user use.
    Make EZ to use & adapt Your CV too.

  2. Jeff Tokarz
    April 17, 2018 at 12:19 pm

    Resume formats and layouts are as diverse as the job market.

    Eschew fancy designs, myriad colors and irrelevant information. Every word in a resume and cover letter must intentionally deliver a message to readers. The simpler the resume ... the better. KISS (keep it simple stupid)!

    There a number of free online resume builders like ( that make the resume writing experience fast and easy.