How to Restore the Best Features Spotify Has Removed

Ben Stegner 03-11-2016

Spotify is perhaps the biggest icon of the rise of music streaming The Evolution of Music Consumption: How We Got Here The rise of the iPod, the music-playing mobile phone, and a number of streaming media platforms all point toward a single, simple idea: music is important. But how did we get here? Read More . A few years ago, the idea of listening to music without owning it was strange for most people. Now, however, Spotify has effectively ended the iTunes generation of music ownership Spotify Your Music Collection: The End Of iTunes Spotify is no longer content to just compete with radio, now they're competing with the idea of even owning music. Read More . Which is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on your personal point of view.


Over the past few years, Spotify has re-invented its service Everything You Need to Know About the New Spotify Spotify is no longer just a music streaming service. At an event in New York, Spotify launched a bunch of new features, including video streaming, in a bid to become an entertainment hub for users. Read More by adding all sorts of non-musical content. Unfortunately, this has come at a cost. Spotify has got rid of many of the cool features that once made people flock to the music streaming service. Opting instead for a more streamlined experience.

So, let’s take a look at some of the major features that are no longer a part of Spotify. And then, because we’re MakeUseOf and here to serve you, detail your best options for getting these features back. The hope is, of course, to restore Spotify to its former glory.

Restore Your Favorite Spotify Apps

A few years ago, Spotify featured third-party apps 5 of the Best New Spotify Apps for Music Fans At the end of 2011, Spotify, the insanely popular and rapidly growing music-streaming service, added apps into its already heady mix of awesomeness. There were some true gems hidden in there, with 5 of the... Read More that you could use to enhance its functionality. Among them were apps to play music for specific moods, apps that introduced you to classical music, and apps that displayed on-screen lyrics. These were a great way for clever developers to supplement Spotify’s functionality, but Spotify killed apps off in early 2015.

Thankfully, it’s pretty easy to fill in the gaps that these apps left. Instead of built-in tools, there are lots of web apps for Spotify 7 Web Apps to Make Spotify Better Than Ever Spotify is already pretty damn good, being one of the best music streaming services around. But there are ways to make Spotify even better, as these awesome web apps show. Read More that provide extra functionality. Sort Your Music lets you organize playlists by more varied criteria than default, while Forgotify helps you discover music that nobody has listened to Forgotify Helps You Discover Unloved Music On Spotify Spotify has 20 million tracks sitting there waiting to be found and loved. This is where Forgotify enters into the equation. It dedicates itself to delivering the undiscovered tracks no one has yet played on... Read More before.


Spotify made discovering cool apps a chore by removing the built-in marketplace. If you browse the web though, you’re bound to find something capable of replacing any of your favorite discontinued apps. If you don’t want to do that, have a look at Spotify’s new built-in discovery playlists Discover New Music with Spotify's Automagic Playlists Spotify has recently released several new ways of generating unique playlists that will help you discover awesome new music. We're here to guide you through these automagic playlist makers. Read More .

Sing Along With Song Lyrics Again

After Spotify removed its integrated apps, people were predictably upset. One of the most useful apps was MusixMatch, which provided dynamic song lyrics 6 Non-Crappy Ways to Find Lyrics for Your Favorite Songs When it comes to music, I'm a lyrics maniac. When the Internet came along, I was looking for lyrics for any new song I encountered, wanting to make sure I really knew what this song... Read More inside Spotify on the desktop. Once apps became a thing of the past, MusixMatch actually became a part of Spotify for a while.

Then, earlier this year, users found that clicking the “Lyrics” button in Spotify resulted in them seeing a message that “big improvements” were coming. A few weeks later, and the song lyrics feature disappeared without a trace. Months later, Spotify still hasn’t provided a new lyrics service.


Our options for replacement here are a bit more limited. One developer has created Lyricfier, a lyrics replacement tool that checks to see what the current song is and scrapes the web for lyrics. It’s not as polished as MusixMatch, but it’s worth a shot. Another similar tool is SpotifyLyrics, which isn’t much to look at, but gets the job done at the very least.

A slightly less convenient workaround is MusixMatch’s Chrome extension, which displays lyrics in real-time for many music video on YouTube. If you only want to check real-time lyrics occasionally, this one might work for you.

Still not satisfied? A third method to getting lyrics is to bookmark a reputable lyrics site Can't Remember the Words to the Song? Check Out These 5 Sites It's happened to all of us - we have a song stuck in our head, but we just remember the lyrics! I'm sure that all of you know that horrible type of frustration. However, there... Read More , like SongMeanings, Genius, or AZLyrics and bring it up when needed. Until Spotify replaces MusixMatch (that is if it ever does), these are the best options.

Get Spotify Premium for the Price of Unlimited

Spotify used to offer three tiers of service: Free, Unlimited, and Premium. Unlimited, costing $5 per month, was axed a few years ago. While it was around, it served as a sort of middle ground between Free and Premium. You still needed Premium ($10 per month) for full access on mobile devices, as the Unlimited plan stripped out ads on the desktop only.


It’s not really a surprise that Spotify removed this plan, as the number of people listening to music on the go has exploded in recent years. However, it does mean the cost of Spotify has essentially doubled for many people. While we think that Premium is definitely worth the cost Is Spotify Premium Worth Its Premium Price? Is Spotify Premium worth its premium price? Discover what Premium offers and whether you should upgrade from Spotify Free. Read More , there are two main ways to get the price down to $5.

Students can sign up for Spotify’s student plan, which scores you Premium for just $5 per month. If you’re not eligible for the student discount 8+ Best Free and Discounted Apps for Students With .edu Emails Software is expensive, especially when your'e a student and money is tight -- but these eight apps and services can be purchased on the cheap with a .edu email address. Read More , your best bet is to join the Spotify Family plan. Spotify allows up to six people to subscribe to a shared plan Save on Premium Subscriptions With These 9 Shareable Accounts Premium subscription services are great, but the costs add up fast. Here are 9 services you can share to get the most for your money. Read More for just $15 per month total. Thus, if you can get even two other people to jump on board with you, you can bring your monthly cost down to $5.

Is Spotify Worse Now Than It Was Before?

While Spotify removing some features is frustrating, we really shouldn’t complain too much. Especially in the competitive music-streaming business, when lagging behind could mean a company doesn’t stick around for long. As the needs of its users change, Spotify is forced to change its plans too.

Unfortunately, the music streaming company has a history of removing key features with little or no warning. Hopefully, the new mobile features and powerful discovery playlists will be enough to keep people using Spotify for the foreseeable future.


Are you having trouble getting Spotify to work? If so, check out these solutions to common Spotify problems Spotify Not Working? How to Fix 8 Common Spotify Problems Like every other service known to man, Spotify is prone to problems that afflict millions of users. We have identified the most common problems, and found solutions for them all. You're welcome. Read More . Are you sick of Spotify getting rid of its best features? Then find out whether Google Play Music or Apple Music are better than Spotify Spotify vs. Apple Music vs. Google Play Music: Which Is Best? Here's our comparison of music streaming services Spotify vs. Apple Music vs. Google Play Music on price, quality, and catalog. Read More .

Do you think Spotify has got better or worse in recent years? Which old features do you miss? And which new features do you use on a regular basis? Where do you see Spotify going in the future? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Kevin
    November 7, 2016 at 9:09 pm

    I need to add to my previous comment: I do not use the apps, but prefer the web - page player. Or, at least I did. My mobile devices are aging, and I use them for a few things, but not phone or data connections.

    • Ben Stegner
      November 7, 2016 at 9:12 pm

      Your account should be right where you left it. Were you told that your account was deleted when you logged in?

      • Kevin
        November 8, 2016 at 12:29 am

        All seems to be working fine, now. I had received an email from Spotify requesting that I reset my password, several months ago. I ignored it during that time, until a few days ago. When I logged in, I could not find the web-player. Tonite, I found it, and all seems to be working ok.

        Thanks for the quick response!

        • Ben Stegner
          November 8, 2016 at 3:53 pm

          I'm glad to hear everything is working correctly for you! Enjoy Spotify.

  2. Kevin
    November 7, 2016 at 9:08 pm

    So, I have not logged into spotify for many months, but I did just a few days ago. I've only ever used the FREE account. Is it now gone, forever?