TheRestartPage: Have Fun With Computer Restarts Of Yore

This is some good, clean geeky fun. No matter how far back you go in computing history, one thing that has always been around is shutting down and restarting. Whether you owned an old Apple, PC or Amiga, you still needed to shut down or restart your hardware from time to time. This is where The Restart Page comes in. It allows you to relive the way these old computers ran through their restart process.

computer restarts

When you launch the site, you will see the restart buttons for all the different operating systems. As if that was not cool enough, the buttons actually work. If you click one of them, the web page will run through the restart process exactly as it appeared back in the day. Who would have thought sitting through a computer restart could be so much fun?


  • Features restart buttons from all kinds of computers.
  • Apple, Amiga and Windows are well represented.
  • Buttons actually function in your browser.
  • Will run through the entire restart process as it was in its time.
  • Plays exact sounds.

Find The Restart Page @

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