Resonic Player: A Sleek Audio Player [Windows]

Israel Nicolas 12-01-2013

Most media players rely on flashy interfaces and animations to add to the experience. But if you strip most media players’ features to its core, you will mostly find less functionality that is not enough for power users. In addition, the features that are available are the ones you don’t need especially if you just want to listen to music in the background.


Resonic Player is a minimalist media app that provides an easy way to listen to music and access your audio files easily with the help of its built-in file manager.

sleek audio player

Resonic Player’s interface looks like any other simple player. It includes the standard array of buttons to allow efficient playback. The left pane lets you browse through your folder to get to your music, where you can just click the song in your folder to start playing.

You can view the waveform of the music file you are playing, allowing you to press left or right for quick seeking. The sleep timer lets you manage the app’s shutdown in the background.  With its interface, Resonic lets you visualize music in waveforms allowing you to see the peaks and valleys of the audio files. For the casual user, it lets you see how songs are arranged behind the surface, analyze the different elements of sound and witness how it melds to create beautiful music.

resonic player

Resonic Audio Player is available for major variants of Windows including Window 8. You can also download a portable version so you can use it without installation.


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  1. Anders Pedersen
    January 12, 2013 at 10:40 pm

    Other, similar ones to try out: foobar2000 and 1by1