ReplacementDocs: Video Game Guides and Manuals
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Looking for a gaming guide to your new video game? Bought a second hand game without a manual? Check out ReplacementDocs – comprehensive online archive of replacement game manuals. The ReplacementDocs archive has over 1000 scanned gaming manuals (not just the text) that can be freely downloaded in PDF format. Anyone who frequently buys second hand games which usually come without box or manual should find this website invaluable.

ReplacementDocs - Gaming Guides and Manuals


  • Find and download replacement game manuals for video games.
  • Supports all popular gaming consoles: PC, PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox 360 etc.

This also reminds me of CanYourRunIt another cool gaming website that we have profiled earlier. CanYouRunIt is a quick web-based check tool that inspects your PC and tells you whether or not your system can run a particular game.

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