A Quick Tip for Repairing Boot Errors in Windows 10

Ben Stegner 27-02-2018

When your computer won’t boot, it’s easy to panic. Thankfully, if your booting problem How to Solve Most Windows Boot Problems Is your Windows computer not booting up? It could be because of a hardware, software, or firmware error. Here's how to diagnose and fix these problems. Read More is related to the Master Boot Record, as in the case of “Windows failed to start” messages, it’s not too difficult to fix.


The MBR is a region on your computer’s hard drive that holds information about the partitions on the disk. It also contains information about how the computer should load the OS. While MBR is an older scheme that’s being phased out in favor of GPT (GUID Partition Table), many computers still use MBR for backwards compatibility.

Here’s how to fix your MBR-related booting issues. These are often caused by corrupted files, and can arise when you’ve dual-booted a copy of Linux 7 Risks of Dual Booting Windows and Linux Operating Systems Dual booting Windows and Linux is a productivity boost, but isn't always plain sailing. Here are seven dangers of dual booting that you should be aware of before installing a second operating system. Read More on your Windows machine.

How to Fix the Master Boot Record in Windows 10

  1. Since you can’t boot into Windows to access recovery tools, you’ll need to create Windows 10 install media on a removable drive. Grab a spare flash drive and follow our instructions for creating a Windows 10 disk How to Create Windows 10 Installation Media Regardless of how you arrived at Windows 10, there's a way to create your own installation media. Sooner or later you might need it. Let us show you how to be prepared. Read More .
  2. Plug the flash drive into your PC and boot from it. Click Next once you see the Windows Setup box, then select the Repair your computer link in the bottom-left.
  3. You’ll see several recovery options. Select Troubleshoot, then Command Prompt.
  4. Now, you’ll need to run one of a few commands in order to repair the MBR. You can reboot after each and try to start up as normal. Try the following repair to start:
    bootrec /fixmbr
  5. When it completes, you’ll see a message letting you know.
  6. If this command doesn’t fix your issue, you can try the next command to erase the existing MBR and create a new one:
    bootrec /fixboot
  7. Should the above commands not solve the problem, try using the following one to repair the Boot Configuration Data:
    bootrec /rebuildbcd
  8. If you’ve installed multiple OSes on your computer, run this command to force Windows to check for them all again:
    bootrec /scanos

Hopefully, one of the above boot repair commands will resolve your MBR issues.

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