15 Rental Templates for When You’re Subletting Your Place

Sandy Writtenhouse 19-04-2017

Whether you want to rent a single room44a> or sublet your space, make sure that you have a written agreement. This lays out the terms and conditions of the rental and protects both parties.


Here are 15 templates to help you through the process, from application to agreement to receipts.

Rental Applications

If you are screening potential renters How to Find Information on Someone Online: 7 Simple Steps Want to track a person down? The web has several powerful search tools and networks to help you find someone online. Read More , the easiest way to do so is by having them fill out an application. Each of these options includes the basic information you need to begin your search for a tenant that fits your situation.

For a quick one-page application to get your process rolling, this Word template from TidyForm is ideal. It is clean and organized with information for the applicant, co-applicant, and employment details for both. It also contains helpful emergency contact and reference sections.

rental application tidyform

If you want a template that includes a bit more information than the one from TidyForm, check out this Word template from TemplateLab. Along the basics, this one has sections for vehicle details and histories for residency, credit, and crime.


rental application templatelab

This next application template is for those who prefer to use Excel rather than Word. When you download the workbook from Vertex42, you actually get two templates on separate tabs. Each has details for the property, applicant, and references along with residency, employment, and credit histories. The Detailed Application also includes a section for background information.

rental application vertex42

Room Rental Agreements

Even if you are just renting a room, having an agreement is just as important as if you are renting an entire home The 6 Best Sites That Help You Find the Best Places to Live How can you find out the best city for you? These websites round up the best places around the world to help you find your spot. Read More . These simple room rental agreements are exactly what you need.


For a room rental agreement that includes sections for household rules, conflict resolution, and privacy, this template from TidyForm has you covered. You can also take advantage of the section towards the end that offers notes for pre-move in inspections of certain rooms. (Note when downloading this template, it is titled on the site as “Home Rental Agreement” although it is clearly for a room rental.)

room rental agreement tidyform

A second template from TidyForm for Word is slightly different with actual checkboxes and percentages for utilities. This way, you can make it clear to your tenant exactly what their rent includes. You can also adjust the language in the deposits, quiet enjoyment, and condition of premises sections to suit your needs.

room rental agreement tidyform


One more option for Word comes from TemplateLab. This template has a table in the utilities section for the percentages and open spots for adding your own rules and dispute settlement details.

room rental agreement templatelab

Month-to-Month Rentals

If you would like to do a short-term rental How to Avoid Apartment and Condo Rental Scams More and more people are finding their next place to live through online services, and scammers have learned to take advantage yet again. Don't become the next victim. Read More , month-to-month agreements come in handy. Maybe you would like to begin your rental with a new tenant just one month at a time before creating a lengthier lease. Or, perhaps you prefer this type of term rental going forward.

For a short and sweet monthly rental agreement, this option from TemplateLab for Word gives you just enough. After you complete the basic details at the top for rent and deposits, the eight clauses are in statement form. So by signing the agreement, your tenant agrees to those terms.


month to month rental templatelab

With over 35 sections in its 18 pages, this agreement also from TemplateLab covers just about anything you need for a month-to-month rental. If you want extensive clauses for damage, animals, abandonment, and maintenance, this is the template for you.

month to month rental templatelab

Lease Agreements

For lengthier, more involved rental situations, you may need a lease agreement. These are perfect for residential property 8 Property Search Engines to Find Your Next Home Instantly If you suddenly find yourself back in the money, and looking for a place to buy or rent, then the Internet is the place to go for the best properties and better deals. Read More rentals where many terms and conditions are expected from both parties.

Vertex42 has a nice, six-page lease agreement for single family homes. With 27 sections in all, you can adjust these as needed. It includes terms for ordinances, repairs, smoke detectors, mold, and subletting.

lease agreement vertex42

From TemplateLab is an eight-page lease agreement with 34 sections total. This is a good option if you want specific clauses for animals (pets), construction, and indemnification.

lease agreement templatelab

Basic Rental Agreements

For rental agreements that are more open to any situation, check out these basic agreements. You can fill in the details for your particular rental 28+ Most Useful Home Automation Gadgets for Renters From complicated setups and access to wiring, a lot of smart home automation is simply off limits to renters. There are still devices available that you can take when you rent. Read More and simply edit the sections as needed.

With just a few pages and basic sections, this PDF template from TidyForm can cover any rental term. Just complete the details for rent, deposits, occupants, and adjust the clauses for tenant and landlord agreements. You can also use the attachment section to state that another document accompanies this one, for example, household rules.

basic rental agreement tidyform

Another template using a PDF format comes from With this template, you can use the property description, property use, and insurance sections with full details.

basic rental agreement templatenet

If you would prefer to stick with a Word template and need something more encompassing, this option from TemplateLab is hefty with its 15 pages. But if you want an agreement with provisions for many situations, check this one out. The language is pretty formal, but editable. You can use the table-formatted schedule at the end to include rental details in an easy-to-read format.

basic rental agreement templatelab

Rental Receipts

While many people pay their rent with a check that can double as a receipt, you may have a tenant 6 Types of Home Automation You Can Actually Afford Are you ready to join the smart home revolution but worried that it's beyond your budget? Smart homes aren't that expensive, and there are plenty of components that the average homeowner can afford. Read More who pays in cash. Whether you want to provide a receipt in both cases or just for cash payments, have a template ready when the rent is due.

For Word, this template from Vertex42 is a clean and attractive option. It holds three receipts on a page, each with the details you need. You can enter the property location, if you rent more than one, a receipt number, and checkboxes for the payment method. You can also download this template for Excel or OpenOffice when you visit the site.

rent receipt vertex42

If you are looking for something different in a rent receipt, you might like this option from This one has a colored background and is larger than the receipts from Vertex42. You may like the extra sections provided in addition to the design. The language, although editable, implies a payment against a settlement. So with a few adjustments, you could use this for partial payments, monthly rent, and also get your tenant’s signature.

rent receipt templatenet

Are You Ready to Rent Your Place?

If you are in the business of renting spaces The Risks and Rewards of Renting Out Your Apartment on Airbnb Are you thinking about renting your spare rooms out on Airbnb? Here's why you should, and also why you might think twice. Read More , then you likely have the documents you need already. But if renting a place is new to you, be sure that you have the tools you need. And, hopefully these templates will help get you started.

Are there are additional templates that would assist you with your rental situation? Let us know and maybe we can track them down for you!

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