How to Remove Trending Stories From Chrome’s New Tab

Nancy Messieh 07-11-2016

Pocket recently introduced How to Search Pocket's Most Popular Articles and Topics Did you know that you can search through articles saved to Pocket? Not just your own, but popular saved items from other users too! Read More  an update to its Save to Pocket Chrome extension including suggested stories every time you save an item and the insertion of trending stories on your new tab in Chrome. These two features are enabled by default, and not all Pocket users are happy about it, but luckily there’s a way to disable them.


So what exactly do these two features do? First, every time you click the Save to Pocket button in Chrome, you’ll get three additional suggestions Pocket thinks you might be interested in.

Pocket Suggestions

Second, every time you open a new tab in Chrome, you’ll see three trending Pocket stories underneath the list of sites you visit regularly. (If you already have an extension installed that displays something specific on your new Chrome tabs, that may override the new Pocket feature, and you won’t see the New Tab Recommendations.)

Pocket Trending

To remove these features, right-click the Save to Pocket button and go to Options. Under Related Recommendations and New Tab Recommendations, make sure each one is unchecked.


Pocket Options

Are you going to keep either of these features enabled or not? Let us know why in the comments. 

Image Credit: Atif Aziz

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