How to Remove Locations From Google Maps and Google Now

Ben Stegner 28-11-2016

Google Now is an extremely powerful assistant on your Android phone. Without you even asking, it brings sports updates, shipping notifications, and news that you’ll enjoy reading. As it integrates with more apps and services, Google Now is getting even better.


One of the most useful pairings is Google Now teaming up with Google Maps. This brings you updates about your daily commute, but it’s also smart enough to learn where you typically drive on certain days See Where You've Been with Google Maps' New Timeline Feature Google can see everywhere you've ever been. Creepy or awesome? Read More .

For example, if you always go to a certain restaurant Need Food? 8 Best Social Restaurant Recommendation Apps Worldwide When you're out and about, who do you turn to to tell you where to eat? Do you look around and take your chances? Or do you listen to the wisdom of crowds? Read More on Saturday nights, Google Now will provide driving time for that location around Saturday evening. It will also start showing driving times for locations that you search for often in Google Maps.

Maybe there’s a certain place that you want Google to stop telling you about, or perhaps you’ve changed jobs and don’t want updates for your old commute any more. Here’s how to remove any suggestion from Google Now.

Make sure Google Maps is up-to-date on your Android phone, and open it. Tap the left sidebar, then Your Places. This will bring up your Labeled places, and you’ll find your Home and Work locations here first. If you need to remove your work address (maybe you drive to different locations each day), you can completely delete it here.


Scroll over to Saved to see all places you’ve starred. Maps is more likely to suggest travel times for these places, so if you’re seeing one all the time, you can tap the three-dot icon and choose Remove star.

If you don’t want to see travel times at all, open the Google app, tap the left sidebar, and choose Settings. Choose Your Feed and disable Commute and time to leave.

Looking to make Google Now even more useful? Check out how to use its reminders to their full potential 8 Amazing, Life-Improving Uses for Google Now Reminders Google Now has built-in reminders, but are you using them to their full extent? Read More .

Do you like Google Now’s commute reminders, or would you rather search for places on your own? Let us know if you made any changes in the comments!

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    Hi the video is nice but what did the guy say in the beginning..."go to ways"? I was following till didnt understand. Please advise.