How To Remove Embarrassing Photos Of Yourself From Social Networks

ROFL 22-09-2014

Had a fun, drunken night with friends and took a few regrettable photos? Not so much of an issue if no one else sees it. But once it’s online, it’s will gather a worldwide audience (okay, maybe not worldwide, let’s just say most of your friends). Sometimes it’s not really your fault, there may be others who uploaded those photos (or videos) of you — call it revenge porn What Is Revenge Porn, And Are You At Risk From It? Read More , cyberbullying Cyber Bullying Unmasked - The Tragic Case Of Cassidy Kids can be cruel. Almost as cruel as so-called grown-ups. That cruelty has found its way on to the web and into the lives of countless young people who thought they might be able to... Read More , or victims of a determined hacker Apple Investigates Celebrity Nudes, YouTube Introduces Tip Jar, And More... [Tech News Digest] Also, looking forward to the Internet Slowdown, Windows XP edges 1% closer to death, play Star Citizen for free, the new Raspberry Pi Web browser, and the wearables we narrowly avoided. Read More .

Whether those photos end up on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus or Instagram, you’re not completely helpless — there are ways to report the photos (and uploaders) to the authorities.

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How To Remove Embarrassing Photos Of Yourself From Social Networks embarrassing photos

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