How to Remotely Log Out of Skype With One Command

Nancy Messieh 17-11-2016

Gmail makes it easy to sign out on any other machines you may be logged into. On Facebook, all you have to do is click a link. On Twitter, it’s a little more complicated where you either have to revoke access to the mobile app or change your password. But what about Skype? A little-known method makes it easy to remotely log out of all existing Skype sessions.


Unlike Gmail or Facebook, there is no link to click on in your Skype account. Instead, what you need to do is fire up Skype and start a conversation with any contact.

Sending the following in the conversation will log you out from all other sessions:


Two things to keep in mind: first, your contact will not see the message, and second, be sure to include the forward slash for Skype to recognize the command. This will log you out of all mobile and desktop apps.

You can also check which devices you’re logged into using the following command:


To see the process in action, check out this video:


Do you have any tips or tricks for using Skype? Let us know in the comments.

Image credit: Castleski via Shutterstock

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