ReminderGuru: Remind Yourself Of Events Via Email, Texts & Calls

Umar 18-01-2012

We all mark important events on our calendars. Yet we forget about important dates and events because of our busy schedules. Here to help remind you of important events is a web service called ReminderGuru.


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ReminderGuru is a free to use web service that reminds you of events. You start using the site by creating an account. To verify your email address, the password of your account is emailed to you. Using the password, you can log in and begin creating a reminder. You can add a reminder title along with a date. You can also specify the exact time for the reminder. You can select the frequency of the reminder; you can select the reminder to be a one-time deal or you can have it recur weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Next you type in your email address and phone number and select how you would like the reminder to be send: through email, text message, or call. After typing a security code you can finalize your reminder. The reminders you set can be managed and deleted by viewing their list.



  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you set reminders.
  • Sends reminders through email, text messages, and call.
  • Lets you describe reminder and set specific time for it.
  • Lets you set frequency of reminder.

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