How to Remember Deleted Videos on Your YouTube Playlists
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So you’ve painstakingly created the perfect YouTube playlist — it could be music, tutorials, vlogs, whatever takes your fancy — only to find that one of the videos has been deleted? Once that video is gone from YouTube, all you’ll see is a dreaded gray icon and there’s no way to know the video title or the channel it came from.

Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to figure out what the deleted video was, or with a bit of extra effort, save information about the video right there on YouTube.

Google Search Part of the URL

If there’s a video in your playlist that has already been deleted, googling part of the URL can often help you figure out its title. Click on the video to open it up and copy the identifying string of letters and numbers associated with the video in its URL. So if the URL looks like this:

You need to copy this string of letters and numbers:


Googling that string should reveal the title of the deleted video:

How to Remember Deleted Videos on Your YouTube Playlists GoogleYouTube

Add Notes to YouTube Playlists

If you don’t want to leave matters to chance and want to be absolutely sure that you will be able to figure out what the deleted video is, take some precautionary measures as you add videos to your playlists.

Step 1

Add a video to your playlist the way you normally would: with the video open, click the Add to button right under the video title and select your playlist.

Step 2

Navigate to the playlist you just added the video to. You can find all of your playlists listed in the menu on the left hand side under Library. 

Step 3

With the playlist open, hovering over any given video will reveal a More button with a drop down menu. Click that button and select Add/edit notes.

How to Remember Deleted Videos on Your YouTube Playlists YouTubeMore

Step 4

Type in the title, channel, topic, or any other information you want to use to remember the video.

How to Remember Deleted Videos on Your YouTube Playlists YouTube Playlist Note 670x339

That’s it. Now if a video in one of your playlists is deleted from YouTube, you can click the Add/edit notes button to pull up the information about the video you saved.

You can also go back through your playlists and add notes to all of the videos you’ve already added.

If there are certain videos or playlists you know you don’t want to lose under any circumstances, you could always download the videos with tools that make it easy to download an entire YouTube playlist in one go.

Do you have any tips or tricks for hanging on to your favorite YouTube content? Let us know in the comments.

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