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Never Forget a Password Again With RememBear Password Manager

Christian Cawley 22-07-2019

How many online accounts do you have? Can you remember all the different passwords for them? Or are you risking your security by using a single password, with one or two alternatives?

There’s no need to put yourself under pressure to remember passwords. Get rid of that notebook with all your passwords and PINs scrawled down—after all, it’s a massive security risk!

Instead, try a password manager. Let’s look at RememBear, a password manager with free and premium options that’s secure while also being fun and easy to use.

Why You Need a Password Manager

Password managers keep your user accounts safe. They’ll work with any website or app: social networks, games, banking, shopping, online payments, and government sites.

RememBear manages usernames and passwords

Reasons to use a password manager include keeping your account credentials safely encrypted and having a secure password generator. Other key reasons include not having to remember dozens of passwords, as well as using a single memorable master password.

Many browsers include a built-in password manager, so you’re probably using one already. But is it the best choice for you to use? Probably not. What you need is a dedicated password manager, such as RememBear.

Why Choose RememBear’s Password Manager?

Many password managers are available, from the free-to-use tools in Chrome and Firefox to various subscription offerings. So why would you opt for RememBear?

Well, one good reason is the fact that RememBear is a stablemate of TunnelBear, a popular and respected VPN service. The company has now turned its attention from encrypted connections to secure passwords, and the results are great.

Importantly for anyone looking to secure their online accounts, RememBear is free to use for a single device. Want to sync passwords via the secure cloud to other devices? Then you’ll need to subscribe to the modest $3 per month service.

RememBear’s Features

When considering any new service, paid or otherwise, it is important to know what you’re going to get for subscribing. Various features are available to free and premium RememBear users that make your online life more secure than ever.

Make secure notes in RememBear

For example, you can store login details, credit cards, and secure notes in your RememBear account, fully encrypted. Later, you’ll use these details to easily autofill login boxes and credit card fields online with a single click. That means RememBear automatically and securely types your email and password, so you never have to. RememBear even stores one-time codes for two-factor authentication.

With a secure password generator built into the software, creating a new password is simple. Meanwhile, end-to-end 256-bit AES encryption ensures strong security. There’s also support for face and fingerprint ID on mobile, which is more convenient than typing your master password each time.

Paid account holders, of course, get to use RememBear on multiple platforms. Apps are currently available on Windows and macOS, along with iOS and Android. Browser extensions are available for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

In addition, RememBear has been independently audited by tech auditing company cure53. This means you can use it with confidence, in the knowledge that the tool has been vetted from conception to release.

Setting up RememBear is gamified to encourage you to explore the app

Finally, to ensure you have set up your RememBear account correctly, the process is gamified. You’ll earn achievements for each step of the process. It’s fun, and certainly helps you to focus on setup rather than getting distracted by all the available features.

Setting Up RememBear Password Storage

RememBear’s guided setup is a painless experience, making it one of the most user-friendly password managers on the market.

Before you get to this, however, you must set up a master password, as well as create a backup kit. This comes in the form of a QR code and accompanying 29-character key that are required to unlock your account, in addition to your master password. You can either make a note of the details, or print out the backup kit and keep it safe. If you lose your master password, you won’t be able to log in, so it’s vital you don’t forget it.

The main portion of RememBear setup revolves around importing passwords from another password manager, such as your browser’s. After that you can gain achievements by installing a browser extension, setting up a credit card, and adding a secure note.

Import passwords into RememBear

Note that you can also enjoy 30 days of the premium service with a free signup, giving you the chance to try out RememBear across all your devices.

Two-Factor Authentication Support With RememBear

Another key feature of RememBear is two-factor authentication (2FA). Rather than relying on Authy or Google Authenticator, RememBear builds this technology into the app. The result is a 2FA experience that’s almost as seamless as the auto-completed usernames and passwords.

You’ve probably used 2FA at some point, as it’s supported on a variety of websites. The key aspect of this is that it prevents someone who has your username and password from accessing your account. In addition to these credentials, they need a numeric key that changes regularly—only you will have that.

But 2FA can be a bit fiddly. It slows the process down when you’re logging in; one wrong keystroke and you must start again with another sequence.

This is why the inclusion of the feature in RememBear is so significant. You can use your mobile device to get a picture of the QR code your 2FA-supporting website displays, or use the handy scanner to scan a QR code right in the desktop version. On subsequent occasions, the code will generate in RememBear, streamlining your secure login. Even better, on desktop, RememBear will automatically copy your 2FA code when it autofills a login.

Using RememBear to Store Passwords

To create a new RememBear login, simply click the Add New button at the bottom of the app. You can also summon it from your browser. The app will even detect when you login to a website and offer to store the credentials.

Store credit cards in the RememBear password manager

Passwords, credit cards, and notes are all secured in your RememBear account thanks to secure 256-bit AES encryption. This is almost impossible to hack and is widely considered safe, secure, and reliable.

This makes it perfect for everything you want to keep safe in RememBear.

Don’t Forget Your RememBear!

Many password managers are available, so why should you choose RememBear? We’ve covered the features above, but what if the strong encryption of your account credentials, credit cards, and notes isn’t enough for you?

Well, RememBear is free for single machine use, with a premium option for multiple devices across desktop and mobile. In a marketplace where several password managers services have consolidated their positions, RememBear manages to do something different.

RememBear is arguably the easiest-to-use password manager available. It’s perfect for those who want a great design and experience, while also enjoying ironclad security. Given how important it is that everyone use a secure, encrypted password generator and vault, ease-of-use is crucial. If you’re new to password managers, or are thinking of ditching your existing service, RememBear should be your top choice.

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  1. Michele Wells
    July 23, 2019 at 3:57 am

    You have to pay for a subscription for the app.

  2. dragonmouth
    July 22, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    A paid-for testimonial. An infomercial.

    Not one word why or how RememBear is better than a dozen or so other Password Managers, either pay-for or free. In fact, based on the review, the free version of RememBear is severely crippled. KeePass and other free Password Managers work on multiple platforms, not just one.

    " RememBear has been independently audited by tech auditing company cure53"
    Was that audit also paid for?