How to See Remaining OneDrive Space on Windows 10
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OneDrive, once a flimsy competitor to Dropbox and the like, now comes fully integrated into Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. We’ve written about how to take advantage of the free space OneDrive gives. Microsoft’s move to reduce the storage of free plans from 15 GB to just 5 GB left many upset, but you can still do plenty with 5 GB.

If you ever forget how much space you have left, or want to confirm that you’ll be able to upload a new file without hitting your limit, you can check your remaining space easily in Windows 10.

Click the arrow on your System Tray to show all icons, then right-click on the OneDrive icon (it looks like a pair of clouds) and choose Settings. If you don’t see this icon, type OneDrive into the Start Menu to launch it.

In the OneDrive settings menu, click the Account tab. Here, you’ll see your OneDrive account information, along with how much space you’ve used. You can purchase more space by clicking Get more storage underneath this entry, or move some files out of OneDrive to free up space.

Should you prefer to use the OneDrive Modern app instead of the desktop version, you can open the app and click the three-bar Menu icon on the left side. Choose Settings, then Accounts. Here, you’ll find the same info about how much space you’ve used on your account.

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Do you use OneDrive and often have to keep an eye on your space? Let us know your creative uses for OneDrive down in the comments!

Image Credit: Africa Studio via Shutterstock

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