8 Relaxing iPhone Puzzle Games That Can Help You Unwind
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At the end of a long day there is nothing more comforting than a relaxing environment. If sitting in front of a game on your iPhone is one of your chosen ways to unwind, then you are in for a treat.

These eight awesome games combine calming atmospheres with challenging puzzles Could Threes Be The Most Addictive Puzzle Game For iOS Yet? Could Threes Be The Most Addictive Puzzle Game For iOS Yet? Do you hate productivity? Do you like to ignore the people in your life? Threes should be right up your alley, because it's going to take up all of your time. Read More . Immerse yourself and let the stress fade away.

1. Breath of Light ($2.99)

For a truly relaxing experience on your iPhone, give Breath of Light a shot. In this puzzler, you move stones around a Zen garden to guide energy supplied by the main source. The goal is to give life to the lotus flowers by directing the energy stream onto them.

In Breath of Light, you have no time limits or points to earn. That means you can take your time and enjoy the varied puzzles at your own pace. It is meant to provide a meditative atmosphere. With lovely visuals and a peaceful soundtrack, the game certainly accomplishes its mission.

2. Quell Reflect+ ($0.99) [No Longer Available]

Quell Reflect+ is one of four games in a series, but each is terrific its own right. This logic puzzle game provides over 80 levels that naturally become more challenging as you progress. Your goal is to collect pearls by moving the raindrop over them, while avoiding obstacles. The game tracks the number of moves you make to encourage a personal best, but there is no limit.

The soundtrack is comprised of classical music with a calming feel. Visuals are polished and attractive for both the puzzle boards and their backgrounds. If you get stuck on a level, the game has in-app purchases for items to help.

8 Relaxing iPhone Puzzle Games That Can Help You Unwind QuellReflect iPhone

If you are interested in the rest of the series, Quell+, Quell Zen+, and Quell Memento+, are available for just $0.99 each. All games in the series offer the same type of serene experience, so if you like this one you’re bound to enjoy them all.

3. Prune ($3.99)

Prune is a relaxing concept which involves growing and shaping a tree. You start by planting the seed, then swipe to prune your tree as it grows. As you progress through each level, you will enter a new chapter with varying environments. You may need to plan for a slight breeze or trim around an obstacle.

Prune has gorgeous minimalist visuals The Best New iOS Apps of 2015 (And Our Favorite Updates) The Best New iOS Apps of 2015 (And Our Favorite Updates) We've sorted through the stream of new apps that arrived in 2015 and devised a list of our favourites just for you. Read More  and a tranquil soundtrack which provides the perfect calming atmoshpere. If the idea of a creative and elegant puzzle game appeals, give Prune a shot.

4. Polyforge (Free)

Polyforge is a shape-based game with a simple concept. As the crystal rotates, tap to strike each side of it with color. The trick is, if you hit the same side twice, you must start again. While it may sound more frustrating than relaxing, it’s not! Just check out the video below:

A comforting color palette sets the scene, and with each successful tap on the side of the crystal you will create a soft music tone. This combines well with the theatrical background sounds. However, if you do tap a side twice, you will hear an off-key note.

Polyforge is a nice mix of challenge and relaxation. The game offers an in-app purchase to remove the ads for $0.99.

5. Linken: A Minimalist Line Puzzle ($1.99) [No Longer Available]

Another wonderful option for unwinding after a long day is Linken. You simply swipe to create paths that connect shapes without overlapping. The game has over 400 levels total with varying difficulty and unique challenges.

Continue to progress and collect coins to unlock the Zen mode for endless gameplay. The soundtrack for Linken is a lovely, orchestral mix providing a pleasing atmosphere. This goes seamlessly with the well-designed visuals and animations.

6. Alpha Omega (Free)

If you enjoy puzzles, but prefer those with words over objects and shapes, then Alpha Omega is the game for you. In it you must solve each crossword-styled puzzle using the provided hints. The letters are there for you, but are in the wrong order. Just tap to swap letters to solve each challenge.

Alpha Omega has a beautiful set of themes to choose from, each with a pleasant appearance. To go along with the charming visuals, the game has an elegant, charismatic soundtrack. So, if word puzzles are your preference after a day in the office, Alpha Omega is the ideal way to relax.

8 Relaxing iPhone Puzzle Games That Can Help You Unwind AlphaOmega iPhone

The game offers in-app purchases for additional hints and level packs starting at $0.99. These packs bring the total level count for Alpha Omega to over 1,000.

7. Shadowmatic ($2.99)

Shadowmatic brings an interesting concept to the puzzle genre. Rotate items until the shadow they cast on the wall turns into a recognizable object related to the surroundings. The game includes 100 levels with 3D views, plus an in-game hint system if you get stuck.

Solve your way through 12 different rooms, each with a unique atmosphere. Shadowmatic provides just the right amount of challenge, impressive graphics, and captivating music. And, if you end up loving the music from the game, it is also available separately on iTunes.

8 Relaxing iPhone Puzzle Games That Can Help You Unwind Shadowmatic iPhone

8. Zen Trilogy ($1.99)

For a set of classic games, the Zen Trilogy puts the challenge of tangram puzzles with soothing sounds in the palm of your hand. You are presented with outlines of shapes, objects, and even animals. Then just drag to fit the colored puzzle pieces onto the outline until the picture is complete. Just keep in mind that you cannot overlap pieces.

8 Relaxing iPhone Puzzle Games That Can Help You Unwind TriZenPuzzles iPhone

Flip and rotate pieces easily, reset them by shaking your device, and remember that not all pieces may be required in a single puzzle. The visuals for each game have subtle and attractive colors and the background music has a peaceful, Zen sound.

8 Relaxing iPhone Puzzle Games That Can Help You Unwind TriZenPuzzlePlay iPhone

The trilogy includes TanZen, Zentomino, and TriZen, each of which can be purchased individually for $0.99. So, if you enjoy these games, then the Zen Trilogy is a smart buy for a combination of 1,365 puzzles. You can also check out the in-app purchases for additional skins starting at $0.99.

Which Games Help You Relax?

Each of these games provides a calming, comforting atmosphere. With eye-catching visuals and ambient music, you can easily unwind at the end of the day with any one of them.

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