Rein In Your To-Do List With Do It (Tomorrow) [Android 2.1+]

Erez Zukerman 18-09-2012

Rein In Your To-Do List With Do It (Tomorrow) [Android 2.1+] doittomorrowSome days, I feel like I’m swimming through molasses when I’m trying to work. Endless piles of email, tasks waiting to be done, little details, and general confusion from all directions. One good way to get a grip on days like that is to sit down and just make a quick list of stuff that needs to get done. No elaborate hashtags, nesting, recurring tasks or dependencies – just a plain old list.


If you’ve ever felt the need for a simple to-do list like that, Do It (Tomorrow) for Android may be what you need.

In a Word: Simplicity


The first thing you should know about Do It (Tomorrow) is that it goes out of its way to be simple. That handwritten font is just one example of how hard the app tries to feel like a piece of paper, and help you forget the fact you’re using a phone. The font is a bit on the cutesy side (at least for me), but fortunately, you can switch it off, as I will show you later.

The key idea behind Do It (Tomorrow) is that you offload a bunch of tasks on your list, try to get them done, and whatever you can’t do today, you just push back to tomorrow. That’s what the arrows are for, and here’s what happens when I push “clear feature pitches” to the next day:



Above you can see the screen mid-pan: The app works like an open page in a diary, and to see tomorrow, you just pan right. You can’t see the day after tomorrow, though; this is all short-term. You can’t use Do It (Tomorrow) to schedule stuff you want to do in a week or two, or to create elaborate five-year plans. This app is all about getting through your day in one piece.

Finished a task? Just tap it to strike it off your list. It’s that simple.

It’s Not Just For Android

Rein In Your To-Do List With Do It (Tomorrow) [Android 2.1+] tomorrow main

That’s the second thing you should know: Do It (Tomorrow) is available on the Web, too. Its Web version syncs with the Android one, but can also be used on its own. If you want to learn more about using Do It (Tomorrow) online, you should check out our excellent Do It (Tomorrow) review Do It (Tomorrow) Is An Extremely Simple Online To-Do List If you love the idea of an online list of things you need to do, but never manage to actually use one for longer than the time it takes for you to add all of... Read More .


Settings & Options


True to its spirit of simplicity, Do It (Tomorrow) only offers two settings, along with a cloud sync option. What you see above is what you get. You can turn of the handwriting, as well as disable the app’s scribbling sound effects, which can get a bit annoying with time. With the handwriting font disabled, the task list looks like this:


Granted, it’s plain, but it is very readable. You can also rearrange tasks and remove them from the list using the Edit button on the top-right corner:



It’s (Mostly) Free


Above you can see Do It (Tomorrow)’s brilliantly simple business model. The app itself is totally free, and doesn’t feature any nag screens or banners. If you want to support it, you can buy a homescreen widget (or three). These widgets offer ready access to your task list, and help keep the app itself free and clean.

It Does One Thing Well

Do It (Tomorrow) did not blow my mind – and that’s a good thing. It’s one to-do list that doesn’t set out to astound you with its fancy graphics or complex options. It just wants to be home for a few simple to-do’s, and sometimes (mostly), that’s all I need to get through a crazy day.


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