RefreshThis: Auto Reload Websites Periodically Without A Plugin
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Whether you’re keeping tabs on sports scores, waiting for your favorite web comic to update or trying to keep up with the news, sometimes it’s handy for a website to automatically refresh itself. Some websites offer this on their own, some don’t, but you can make any site refresh itself using

To auto reload website, simply copy the entire URL (including “http”), select how frequently you want to refresh and click “Start!

auto reload website

Your site will open, in a frame, and will continue reloading the page. This is a great example of an online service you can use to add functionality to your browser without installing a browser plugin–all you need to do to use the service is open a website.


Automatically refresh any website.
Select refresh frequency yourself.
Web-based; no plugin to install.
Similar services: Reload Every, SiteReloader and PageReboot.

Check out RefreshThis @

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