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RedReader: A Better Way To Browse Reddit [Android]

Justin Pot 20-06-2013

Try a fast Reddit Android client that looks great, doesn’t include ads and is open source to boot. RedReader is an up-and-coming app that’s quickly adding features, and it just might be the best Reddit experience out there for Android users.


Reddit’s the best time sink on the web, with a community surrounding just about any topic (including some hilarious specific things 8 Hilariously Specific Subreddits You Won't Believe Are Actually Active The letter g. Squirrels eating things they usually wouldn't. Pictures of animals without necks. The law of subreddits states that if something exists, a community can and will eventually form around it on Reddit. I've... Read More ) and a culture that helps spread and spawn some of the web’s best humor. Its interface, however, is famously terrible – especially on finicky phones.

RedReader changes that, giving you a quick way to flick through stories and comments. Its two-pane interface means you can quickly jump from story to story, and an embedded browser allows you to read stories without leaving the app.

Using RedReader

Open up RedReader, then sign into Reddit (if you want). Once you do you’ll see your usual list of links, alongside your list of subreddits and a few other features:

browse reddit android

Tap any story and you’ll be brought to the link in an embedded browser. The browser can lag with some sites, but overall it worked quite well – though a Readability-type feature would be nice.


Tap the comments icon and the real fun begins. You can read through the threads, or continue exploring other stories thanks to a two-pane interface:

browse reddit android

This is particularly nice on a tablet, giving you quick access to all the fun and merriment Reddit has to offer. Wondering about upvoting? RedReader – in lieu of offering tiny up-and-downvote buttons – handles such functionality using tap-and-hold. Hold any comment or article and you’ll see your options:

browse reddit android


It’s not entirely intuitive, but it’s much cleaner than the approaches used by similar clients.


Explore the configurations and you’ll find a few things to tweak, including whether articles should open in external browsers or not. Notably, there are theme choices. Most amount to changing the highlight color, but there’s also a dark theme if you’re into Redditing with the lights off:

browse reddit android

Note that by default, this app blocks all NSFW content. So if anyone in the comments mentions that certain subreddits aren’t working, you know why.


Compared To Other Android Reddit Clients

So, how does RedReader stack up against its free Android competitors? Quite well, I think – especially if you own a tablet.

For example: Reddionic. This app is beautiful on a phone, and it’s grey theme will doubtless appeal to many. Embedded images is also a plus:

android reddit app

RedReader feels more stable for me, and is much better suited for tablets thanks to its two-pane interface.


BaconReader is another similar app – we mentioned it in our list of 5 mobile Reddit apps 5 Free Apps That Will Improve Your Portable Reddit Experience [Android] Ever since the fall of Digg back in 2010, I’ve been an avid member of Reddit. And by “avid member,” I totally mean “lurker.” I browse it on a daily basis, consuming its user-generated content... Read More . This is RedReader’s top contender – the interface is comparable, and some might find it better in many ways.

android reddit app

The free version, however, includes ads – meaning you’ll have to pay for a clean Reddit experience (if such a thing exists).

Personally, I’ve always preferred RedditIsFun Reddit Is Fun - A Great Android Reddit Client Browse Reddit, Android-style. Reddit Is Fun is a free app for putting the best of Reddit at your fingertips. Sign in with your account and flip through your front page and favorite subreddits, or search... Read More to BaconReader – I found it faster and cleaner.

android reddit app

I installed RedReader for the sake of this review, but I’m certain I won’t be using RedditIsFun again. RedReader is faster, cleaner and generally just more fun to use – and the two-pane interface puts it well ahead of RedditIsFun for me.


There’s one more edge RedReader has, at least for me: it’s open source. It’s free as in freedom and cost – and is also completely free of advertising. There’s no tracking, no nonsense, and features are showing up at a rapid pace. And best of all: if any of this ever changes, I know someone else will fork the code and keep offering the advertising and tracking free experience that I love.

browse reddit android

All this, combined with an interface that’s great for phones and tablets alike, means I think it’s time to check out what may be the ultimate Android client: RedReader.

But I also want to know what you think. Is RedReader as good as I’m saying here, or is there something even more amazing that I’m missing? Fill me in below, because I love a good conversation.

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  2. Jon
    June 20, 2013 at 11:08 pm

    I've been using Reddit News for months now, and haven't had any complaints with it. It's another great Android reddit app.